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Have your dreams taken a left when they should have gone right?

Do you have wayward thoughts in your mind?

What is important to you:

Busting through money blocks

attracting a romantic partner

boosting self-esteem

…maybe all of the above? lol

Let’s get to the good stuff.  No fluff or filler today.

The Universe answers you with “Yes, you are.”  “Yes it is.”  “Yes, you do.”

Every single thought in your head should be witnessed with this response ‘in mind’.

Sounds exhausting?  Well, this will simplify it a bit…

If you want to bust through money blocks repeat these throughout the day:

 If you want to attract a romantic partner repeat these throughout the day:

If you want to boost self-esteem repeat these throughout the day.

You can take a pic of one of the above that you feel needs more focus, or you can take a pic of each of these collections below to have readily available to repeat throughout the day.

Which one are you working on first?

Try to change it up and give it a time line…. “I accept my best romantic match and see this manifested within 48 hours!”

Remember to feel as though this is FACT!

Remember to act as though you already have it, since – energetically – you do already have it.

And of course tell me all about the marvelous manifestations you’ve brought to your life!





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