My Energetic Mentor was the first to introduce me to pulling energy in a Therapeutic Touch Class over 20 years ago.

She gave those of us in the class so many amazing tools to play with, the experience inspired me to begin searching for more and more modalities and tools to play with.

Some of my favourite Energy Alchemists are:

Carolyn Myss, Penny Peirce, Christie-Marie Sheldon, Burt Goldman and Donna Eden.

Pulling energy is a very important tool for a healer to master, and it’s not only easy but it’s a tool that has the availability to change with you in your process of expansion.

I’m sure there are many more than 10!

But this is a good start!

Comment below if you have a fun energy pull technique that you use that I haven’t listed and tell me your favourite!

What are energy pulls?

Energy Pulls are an effective technique to increase the flow of energy into an intended target, desire or goal and can:

clear resistance around your goals


create a larger income with ease


connect with the energy of everything

around you, that can contribute to your

body, energy, mindset, emotions & goal


raise your energetic vibration to

manifest with ease and speed


release conclusions, judgments,

expectations and obligations to allow

playful and joyous emotion into your



dissolve separations between you and

your infinite self so that your confidence

and worthiness expands

The following are 10 reasons why you should be doing energy pulls.

1.  Energy Pulls deepens and enhances spiritual awareness.

What you focus on expands.  When you tap into, communicate with and listen to your energy and the relationship your energy has with everything and everyone around you, this action puts you in deeper control of your spiritual awareness.

You become more aware of things that would seem mystical and magickal, you become aware of how magickal you are!

Those synchronicities you love seeing begin to happen regularly and you look forward to the little blessings that pop up from the Universe.

Awareness is bliss!

2. Energy Pulls heightens your Intuition

As you could have guessed from number one, the connection you have with your energy and the interaction of your energy and your surroundings will enhance and heighten your intuition.

Your Clair gifts will naturally be heightened and you will continue to expand these with ease.

Of course it’s all naturally your amazing gifts!  You begin to tap back into yourself.
You begin to feel more at home again!

You may feel your third eye vibrating or resonating more frequently, or differently than before.


3. Energy Pulls centers and grounds your mind, body and spirit.

Honing into your energy allows you to feel and become more aligned with your body.

You begin to see your body, and this reality, as the playground it is.

Being centered, balanced and grounded allows for speed of healing as well as preventing stress from taking as detrimental an effect on our minds and bodies.


4.  Energy Pulls promotes clarity of thought.

When you are in tune with your body you are also in tune with how your thoughts make your body feel.

The process of self talk begins to be easier and more positive as you feel that the thoughts with clarity are those that make your body sing!

Clarity of energy, promotes clarity of thought which promotes clarity of mind.

5.  Energy Pulls expand your focus and awareness.

Imagine being in touch with the bioenergetic field that surrounds your body at all times, and can be expanded out past the Earth!

The natural state of your energetic field is to be expanded instead of confined to the tight quarters of your human body.

Try it now.  Take a breath, think of the energy just outside of your body, call all pieces and parts of you back to your body and then allow your energy to expand out farther and farther.

How does that feel?

What are you aware of at this expanded state?

Ya.  Pretty cool, right?

6.  Energy Pulls Bring up resistance so that it can be cleared.

The beautiful thing about expansion is that it brings awareness.

When emotions come up they are saying
“Hey! I’m ready to be released now!”

When you begin to expand out as far as you can and allow awareness and clarity to be received, you begin to become aware of the resistance that has been holding you back.

That’s a good thing!

Now it’s time to clear it!

7.  Energy Pulls set up blockages to be witnessed.

Don’t be afraid of the blocks.

So many people think that blocks are a scary thing.  They are just misunderstood.

Blocks were put in place for our safety, or by mistake.

Blocks are things we bought from other people that may have been their truth, but not ours.

Blocks are things we interpreted from a past memory that we only remember a fraction of that reality.

Blocks are things that we brought with us from another life that no longer serves us.

Blocks are things that we accepted from other people.

No matter what the block is or how we began owning it the beauty is:
It’s time to let it all go, and energy pulls allow us the clarity to align with the energy that can witness the reality of what those blocks are so that they can be released.

8.  Energy Pulls help us align our frequency.

We are psychic.  We suck in so much crap (energy, debris, conclusions etc) every day that we forget what our home frequency is.

Have you ever spent time with a friend and you walk away feeling the frustration about her crappy job, or the jealousy of wanting the perfect relationship she’s in?

When you’re in your home frequency none of that matters.

You couldn’t be farther from perfect if you wanted to be.

You just forget when you’re around other people.

That’s ok.

Just pull some energy and get back into alignment 😉

9.  Energy Pulls release projections.

When we do spend so much of our time with other people, we give and take a lot of our mental capacities, thoughts, hopes and energy.

We project all over the place.

And everyone around us projects all over the place too!

When you are in tune with your energy, your frequency and your thoughts you prevent yourself from projecting onto others and you begin to shield yourself from the projections that other people send your way!

You have enough to deal with –
expanding your energy out past the world, and out past the Universe,
raising your energetic resonance so that you can counterbalance up to 750,000 people around you,
tapping into your home frequency so that you can manifest a dream reality and pretty much save the world…

So enough with taking on the crap from other people, deal?

10.  Energy Pulls speeds up actualizing.

Your manifestations never felt so good!

When you combine all the above, you begin to realize that you are in perfect positioning to manifest like a mofo!

There are less debris from other people telling you all those limiting beliefs that hold you back.

You are in perfect alignment with your frequency to be able to order what you want, see it, feel it and let it go believing without a doubt it’s on its way!


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