30 Days to Prosperity

30 days to release a lack mindset

& successfully adopt a prosperity mindset!

Are you ready to release all doubt about manifesting and create

the income you dream of?

Do you feel ready to do things YOUR way?

You’re in the right place if:


You feel your money is stuck under an income ceiling that doesn’t excite you.

You feel ready to start that business but don’t know how to create money.

Your money has always come from an outside source (job, boss, salary).

You struggle with feelings of doubt, guilt, fear or worthiness around earning large sums of money.


And you’re READY to:


Bring your vision and light to the world!

Be seen, heard and make a difference!

Stand as the expert you are in your niche!

Align with your 5 star clients!

Thrive and support others by leading by example!

Be confident sharing your voice 

Release all money stories 

Create a prosperous reality

Do things a different way


With these 4 sessions  we will find your most common money blocks,

dissolve subconscious programming holding you back from earning what you deserve

and create the roadmap that will take you from doubtful to laser focused on creating

your desired monthly income!


The content:

Week One – Finding clarity

We meet online to chat about your specific income goal.  We create clarity around your money story, your money blocks and we create your unique subconscious earning blueprint.  We lay the ground work for you to begin to dissolve the doubt, worry or guilt around making money then you’ll be sent your personalized script to reprogram your subconscious to create money FOR you.

Week Two –  Testing and shifting into alignment

We check in with the 7 pillars of alignment.  These are the key deal breakers when it comes to actualizing with clarity, ease and speed.  Your desires can’t manifest if the confidence isn’t there, we test this and the 6 other pillars of alignment and you learn the best techniques to release all resistance to being 100% on board with each.

Week Three – Block Buster

We get down and dirty with the common 40 money blocks and fears and the 7 most common toxic money blocks.  We test if these gems are hiding in your subconscious, shift their hold, dissolve anything that isn’t yours and anchor in the positive money programming that aligns with your dreams and goals!

Week Four – Manifest Mastery

Learn the best tools to take your manifestation to the next level!  We walk through quantum jumping, reality transurfing and techniques taught through the Silva method and Burt Goldman ( The American Monk ).  You will add specific tools from 8 different healing modalities to your toolkit once week four is done!

The 21Hidden Mental Blocks to Wealth

THE WEALTH WORKBOOK outlines the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your financial goal. 

Learn how to communicate with your body and shift blocks with THE WEALTH WORKBOOK.