I’m the creator of Kinetic Divination – the healing system that’s

been used by hundreds of Entrepreneurs to bust blocks and

 build their business with confidence.

As a Reiki Master I had spent years looking into ways I could help my clients

dissolve the root of their emotional distress.

Instead of providing the equivalent of an energetic massage – I wanted

something deeper and longer lasting for my regular clients.

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When I started, I was looking for ways to neutralize the emotional

blocks that prevented manifesting the life I desired with ease!

Once I wrote Kinetic Divination and started Coaching Clients I started receiving the results that amazed me and my clients!

I quit my day job with absolute certainty that my business would support me.

I was wrong. 

With over 25 years of healing experience under my belt I forgot the first RULE as a Healer 

Always heal yourself first!

I was sick of being told to suck it up at the job I hated.  I was sick of being bullied, publically shamed and ridiculed constantly.

But I was asking ‘why’, instead of asking
questions that created change.

When I started asking, is this it?
things started to change.
Have you ever thought to yourself…

Is this it?


did we REALLY come down here to just SUCK IT UP!?

I don’t think so.

I believe we are here to create change!

I began asking more questions.

What else is possible?
What else am I capable of?
What do I WANT?
How can I CREATE more?

How can I help others create MORE?

Allowing room for choice and opportunities creates more.

I began the process of piecing together Kinetic Divination (KD),

testing, tapping into and

shifting whatever was in the way of me creating what I wanted.

I began healing emotional triggers I had had for years.

I used KD to quit smoking.

I used KD to release grief after my divorce.

I used KD to allow the possibility of success without guilt.

And I used KD to begin to shift the shame I sat in energetically and

emotionally for most of my life.

I knew it would work for other people.

I knew that I could test, tap and shift emotional triggers and blocks my

clients had so that they could create more in their lives.

But I was nervous to put myself out there.

The interesting thing is..

I started attracting clients who were dealing with the same

blocks I had just shifted in myself!

I started to connect with other Coaches and Healers who wanted to use KD to create more with their income, with their businesses, and 
with their clients!

That’s when I knew this was way more than I had imagined!

The results were deeper, more profound, longer lasting and 
left a trail of clues that led anyone who followed them to the 
freedom from limitations we desire!

Today the reach that KD continues to have is undeniably the most overwhelming and fulfilling achievement in my life!

The feedback I receive from my students, clients and fellow Coaches who have 
learned to use or have healed and shifted blocks and emotional triggers with KD 
are stories like:

“The techniques I’ve learned and applied to my daily life has transformed everything in my life!”

The most amazing thing I have ever done in my entire existence! And that’s only for lack of a better phrase.
There’re no words in any language that can describe it.”

“I’ve experienced blessings, manifestations and synchronicities every single day since starting this program!”

What if we could create a world full of master manifestors?

I feel it’s time for us to stop playing small.

I think it’s time to allow ourself to create with ease.

I think it’s time for the old paradigms, stories and limiting beliefs to fade
into the background.

All we need is a desire to create more.

All we need is the courage to choose.

If you’re ready, join me as I offer you guidance, tools and techniques
that allow you to test, tap into and shift to create the very dreams you desire!


Interested to know how this can work for you, your business and your life?