ART VS Toxic Targeting.

Can Art act as a shield against being targeted by toxic people?

I dance with perfectionism, unrealistic expectation and self-esteem daily.  Do all Creatives wrestle with self-esteem challenges, or challenges with negative people?   Are these negative people offended since we – as Creatives – see the world unconventionally?

Creatives see things differently, take for instance:

The view from the Musician.

Musicians look at interactions and begin to interpret how they can be intertwined with melody.  We dissect our own pain, as well as the pain of others, and seek to substitute dissonance with complementary harmony.  We are receptive to ethereal connections and endeavour to transpose that feeling into a tangible product.

The view from the Photographer.

Photographers are collectors.  We look at contrasting shapes, the composition of the scene, rhythm of movement and that playful harmony of shadow and light entangling.  We respond to an incident and attempt to ensnare that emotional response and hold it captive to return to it anytime we choose.

I enjoy being a Creative. 

But recently had a ‘sandbox reminiscent’ experience where a person scoffed, humiliated and ridiculed me in front of others as I talked about being creative.

Not to minimize the behaviour of this person, or the severity of this all too common worldwide problem with bullying, but I’m going to talk about the diminishing side effect that this rigid thinking has.

Toxic targeting prevents the creative flow from being pure. 

It’s difficult to allow the creative spark to ignite itself when the Inner Child believes s/he could be condemned as absurd, puerile or idiotic. Society, or media as a whole, doesn’t help us as we have been told to be realistic or ‘live in the real world’ instead of enjoying our imagination with our heads in the clouds.  How many Creatives have had moments of brilliance when their heads were in the clouds?  How many Creatives have had an achievement which has changed our world for the better, but then have had to fight to be heard or supported within their chosen field?

Art has given me an outlet to shift my attention from focusing on toxic targeting to intending to create something from nothing.  Art can be a meditation.  Art can allow my Inner Child to have an outlet to be seen and heard.  The perfectionist is no longer needed, self-esteem is defunct.  Focus is allowed to shift and to bridge the space of the unknown with the allowance of creativity.

Focus overrides the mundane and lower frequencies of toxicity and replaces worry with a beautiful opportunity of allowance.

Painting is a recent diversion for me.  I’m still learning every day.  But I am completely grateful that this has come into my life.  I’m in love with encaustic work and the process of painting with encaustic.

I had a friend tell me once ‘The world smiles when you sing.”  I think the world smiles when we fill our souls with the things that we love.  We are all targeted occasionally, by those who feel the need to struggle with power.  We need to take it upon ourselves to find that outlet which: strengthens our resolve, allows our Inner Child to be safe to express pain, joy or love and brings fulfilment to our lives.

I mean, it’s creativity that was the seed that brought us the creature comforts that we depend on today, right?

Have you empowered your Inner Child today?

Being true to my creativity fills my soul.  What fills yours?

<3 Jillian





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