In my Bullying and the Body Workshops, I show my students in real time how a negative environment affects the body.

I use Applied Kinesiology to show how words, body language, ignoring and negativity decreases a person’s strength immediately.

If a person is already stressed, in fight or flight mode, or their home environment provides a marinade of toxic energy and emotions, this decrease in body strength could lead to a dangerous level of stress, sickness, or even dis-ease.

In this workshop, I relay facts and statistics about bullying in the form of a true or false game.  Then I hand out a quiz for each student to complete independently.

The quiz is to gauge how much self-confidence each student has, as well as tests their receptibility to bullying in general.

People who have low self-esteem, who are perceived as different, have exceptional talents and who have a need to be accepted by others are often targeted by bullies.

The science of how you feel about yourself, and how others make you feel proves theories regarding strength of body as well as mind and energy.

The stronger and healthier your self-esteem, emotional intelligence, and self-compassion are, the greater potential you have of boosting yourself up when challenging circumstances arise, being emotionally intelligent toward other people, and creating a wonderful environment to be in.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of just how magnificent it is that we are here at all.

the odds of you being you

This quote was taken from Mel Robbin’s TED xSF talk “How to stop screwing yourself over.”

The class then is shown how Applied Kinesiology Testing works.  We test a baseline test and then see what a true and false reading looks like.

Your body cannot lie.  This is how remarkable and amazing these tests are!  Even when I am testing a Man much larger and apparently stronger than I am, he will test weak when I ask him to lie about his name.


We then test using one student facing away from the class, and when I show a word to the rest of the class the student who I’m muscle testing will test strong for a positive word, and weak for a negative word.  Even though the class is not saying the words out loud, and the student I’m testing can’t see the words, s/he will test according to the emotional resonance of the word.

Scientists say we are 60% – 85% water.  Some Scientists say that water has memory.  I introduce Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work to the class and show two videos of some of the work he has done.

healing, water, water memory, charging water with intention

Finally, I provide techniques and tips to strengthen the student’s resolve against negativity.  I teach Acupressure points to boost the body’s energy, as well as other techniques to empower the body, mind, and spirit.

It is my wish that we not only teach how bullying, harassment, negativity, and assault is more devastating to the body, mind and spirit than possibly originally thought, but that we empower ourselves to prevent becoming targets in the first place.

We can never change someone’s behavior, but we can change our reactions, our self-esteem, our emotional intelligence and our core strength so that someone else’s behavior does not affect us at all.


Karma, treat others. healing, intention, meditation






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