Learn the tools to create your wealth mindset through subconscious programming!


With aligning the power of your

Physical body

Mental body

Emotional body & your

Energetic body

Are you ready to become the magnetic version of you?

I can’t wait to show you how to

  • reprogram your subconscious
  • call in your desired income
  • create money with ease
  • clear the money blocks that aren’t yours
  • take your client attraction to the next level
  • learn to manifest using the alignment of your 4 bodies

The training you will receive is the very best for you to locate and shift subconscious blocks and allow you to create easily! 

I’m so excited to guide you to your true divine purposeful income!


After working with me you will:

  • feel confident in creating the income you desire
  • know you are worthy of your dreams
  • desire to reach further than you thought was possible
  • trust your intuition
  • choose clarity with your next steps
  • know you only need to ask and the steps appear
  • never be held back by anxiety, fear or unworthiness
  • attract your ideal client tribe
  • feel supported and guided every day 

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The Steps to Success!

Step One

Your Alignment Blueprint:
See where you are in alignment, stuck or depleted of energy in your 4 bodies- your physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

This is where I show you the #1 subconscious program that is blocking your success and what plan can be created to flip the program!

Assess how balanced your energy is, how much of your limited beliefs are working against you and if your mindset is working to attract your desires to you.

Step Two

Learn what Shadow Archetype has been keeping you safe and protecting you from unknown situations.

Test how your Inner Child is affecting your daily life, business decisions, financial abundance and risks that you feel are necessary.

Build your success blueprint and compare it with your idea of where you should be.  This is often a stumbling block since we created a blueprint of how our life should look like when we were very young.

Step Three

Testing the 7 Pillars of Alignment:
These 7Pillars are the foundation to creating anything in your life.

When we first desire change it can be a fight to even see what that will bring to our lives.

Testing and healing the pillars will allow clarity, vision and focus so that we can build a map to achievement and success.

Step Four

Creating your wealth blueprint:
What is your relationship with money?

How does money make you feel?

We will assess, test and heal your relationship with money and create a positive emotional connection with your income goal.

Create your unique subconscious program to watch your desires unfold in your reality!

Ready to Create
Your Unique Program of

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