Client Results

Jillian is incredibly skilled and well versed in

so many healing modalities and is able to integrate them together seamlessly.

She uses elements of coaching, reiki, energetic resonance and chakras, alpha

state, NLP and imprinting into your subconscious mind. She is able to help you

to access conscious and subconscious layers, even ones you cannot usually

access yourself. For example, she asked me how I felt about a certain topic and

then guided me into an alpha state, and asked me again and I felt totally

different and more myself, in my own energy. Jillian has a true gift in helping

you tap more deeply into yourself and feel fully in your body and energy. 


“I’ve already been releasing trauma from my Client’s bodies but this is another level!

Your system is an advanced tool that gives me and my client immediate results that

they not only feel but SEE as well! This is the confirmation I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

I LOVE your system SO much!  This is absolutely incredible!

I feel SO empowered and I can’t wait to help my clients feel as empowered by this as I do!

Even after our first 2 sessions, I’m teaching my clients what the pain in their body means and

where their trapped emotions are by showing them this system. I’ve also given some 

clients the release statement you gave me!

I want you as my Spiritual Guru forever!” 

Donna Marie

After just one session with Jillian I feel more in Alignment than ever!

I was able to remove some blocks and beliefs I had about money that allowed me to manifest the

extra $1,500 I was wanting to reach a new financial goal in my business for the month of July. I

learned so much about myself in that session that I recommend everyone who has high hopes and

dreams for themselves take the time to see if you are on the right path when it comes to your focus

and energy. I’ve been telling all my friends out Jillian and have a feeling that I will continue to do so

because she has such an amazing gift! Her voice is soothing, her knowledge is out of this world and

the whole experience from top to bottom was something I had never experienced before. I am so

excited to see what the rest of this year brings knowing what I know now after working through

some deep issues with Jillian!


I thoroughly recommend Jillian!  Her knowledge is outstanding! 

She really helped me overcome my stress and fear of doing Facebook lives after our session I was

able to relax and easily do my first business Facebook live.

Public speaking is my biggest fear – but I was able to do a live the very next day which proved to be

the most popular post on my page ever, which has enabled me to gain good traction in my

business. I have created videos on You Tube. I have also arranged to speak at a local networking

group. This has led to 2 new clients and book sales – and it now feels like the struggle has gone out

of promoting my business, and it has become effortless and fun. So if you need to overcome fear

and want to live the life of abundance you deserve, I recommend you have a chat with Jillian     


I had my first session with Jillian, and I went into it tense all over and not really sure that anything

would change within me, not because she isn’t good at what she does, but because nothing had

really worked for me in the past.  Jillian taught me a method for overcoming my fears and blocks in

a way that I could easily understand, and it was AMAZING!!!

I walked away from our call feeling so much lighter and more relaxed than I was when the call first

began!!!  I honestly recommend Jillian to anyone that doubts manifesting works or has doubts and

fears around creating what they desire in life!!! Jillian can and will help you overcome the resistance

so you can feel so much better about creating the life you desire.

Contact her y’all.

You will be happy that you did!

Lynn Lee