We do love to collect; be it favourite people (friends), coins, stamps, photos, or postcards.

Austin Kleon also tells us in the TEDXKC Talk that “Artists collect selectively, but hoarders collect indiscriminately.”

We are all hoarders of our stories; the life experiences we keep and the ones we often have on repeat in our heads.

I’d love to hear all about the positive, fun and entertaining stories you’d tell me if we could sit down for a cup of tea at a beautiful sidestreet cafe.  But the truth is, most of the stories on repeat aren’t the uplifting stories we tell people, but they are the devastating and cruel stories that keep us in check, and keep our egos running at full tilt.I’ve worked in Health Care for so long, and see way too many older people who have some form of horrible dis-ease or dementia.

Often as dementia sets in, these stories that we all keep hidden in our minds, leak to the surface and the traumas, that we as individuals had as a child, come back to haunt us in our later years.

We all would like to believe that we work hard all our lives, and once we grow old we sit on our porches, lounging in our chairs and feeling content with the decisions we’ve made in our lives.

This is sadly not always the case, and it’s important we look at the work that is needed to be done to create this ease of mind in our later years.

We need to know ourselves, our triggers and our traumas and we need to do the work that’s needed to neutralize these self- inflicted time bombs.

Unfortunately, we use our trauma, sin, pain, disease, ailments, hurt, limiting beliefs, or childhood horrors to connect with each other.  They are the currency to make us feel as though we have a ‘right’ to be here.  They show we’ve paid our dues.

I once had a friend who would diminish whatever I was telling her with “That’s ok!”, and she’d go on with a story from her life, ignoring the fact that I had a challenge I was having trouble with.

Do we ‘one-up’ each other?

But this ‘trauma stacking’ hurts only us in the end of it all.

Literally.  We do only have ourselves.

Can we create a clean slate in 3 easy steps?

Step ONE

We should be the master of our own manifestation. We can not do this unless we are self-aware.

Know what thoughts are active throughout each and every day.

Know what energy vibration you sit in more frequently throughout each and every day.

Observe the activity that goes on in your mind, in your subconscious and in your energy.

How do you know what your subconscious is thinking or what program is running in your subconscious?  Take your temperature – your emotional temperature…. how do you feel?

Step Two

Remember in Harry Potter, when Professor Dumbledore takes a memory from his mind and places it in the scrying mirror? (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

Yes, I often use imagery from movies to assist in my personal growth.

Select a painful memory and be open to the possibility that this memory or trauma can be altered.


Step Three

Meditate, sit with this memory and intend to neutralize this memory.

This may take time, or it may just take you telling yourself that this memory no longer serves you.

Energy in, and around you should be serving your highest and greatest purpose.  If any part of you is holding you back, intend to change it to serve you.

Life is precious.

You are enough.

Live your highest good.










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