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‘How deep is your love?’
Sure, you can hum those words as you read them 😉
But ask yourself how deep do your emotions really go?
And, when you’ve had a bad encounter, an argument, a breakup, a divorce, a trauma, a death, a dis-ease … How deep does that go?
You know as well as I do, that you breathe a bit differently, you can’t sleep as deeply as you once did, your senses have been dulled – muted even.
Do these vibrational scars sit within your web of energy? Tiny pearls of choices, lessons… wisdom maybe?  Each seed keeping each other company.  Each seed having the potential to sprout at any moment into: an anxiety attack, a fit of rage, or a glimpse at how important that collision was and why your life swerved left when you intended right.
But for how long do you suffer?
Do you put a time limit on that shite?
I do, actually.

But I do something more important, I clear that sh*te.

It doesn’t do any good for that energy to sit at the bottom of your well of being. Clear it up and out of there.  Cause you deserve ‘every breath you take’ to be pain FREE!
… I know, I know…. I just couldn’t help myself!!!! 😀 😉
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