How to NOT Lose your Spirit when Dealing with Shadow.

What did you think s****t was?

Shadow is a comination of unaccepted emotions, characteristics and beliefs we’ve ignored and hidden away so that we can be accepted into our tribe.
Shadow is also used to describe anyone – including yourself – who is acting from: a lower energetic vibration, a lack of awareness, a negative ego response or from a place of selfishness or childishness.

Being a Spiritual doesn’t give you a ‘get out of jail free’ card, it doesn’t keep you on the energetic frequency of an Ascended Master.  When stuff happens, or when stuff hits the fan, stuff sucks!  Stuff sucks just as much for those of us on the journey of Enlightenment as it does for one who isn’t on the journey to Enlightenment.

Say that 5 times fast  😉

Good news is, that it’s most likely easier for us – who are SEO’s [even if we’re in training], because we regularly find that place of centeredness and balance.

With meditation, we can bring the feeling of peace and groundedness in a matter of seconds.

So if; your boss is yelling at you, or if your partner is not understanding your point of view, or if your kid is adulting around better than your spouse who won’t stop kidding around….. you can find your center and shift your focus to something you CAN control.

Your energy.

I tell myself that I wake up with a certain amount of energy every day.  I picture myself as a container, and while I slept, Source filled me full of all the energy I could ever need for that day.

I used to be depleted or owing energy by the time I opened my car door in the morning.  I worried and stressed over everything I could, and then some.  As empaths, we are sponges to energetic white noise.  We feel the currents going on under situations around us, sense the truth beneath the faces people show us as well as any stagnant energetic debris in environments.

I began clearing this constant anxiety and worry when I remembered techniques I had learned while in Thailand. I had taken a reflexology course in Chiang Mai.

The Heart 7 acupressure point is the point I use to calm any anxiety I’m feeling.  This acupressure point is important to know and to use when needed.

While wearing your meditation beads across both wrists, press the focus bead against this point on your left wrist.  Massage lightly while breathing deeply for three breaths.  Move the focus bead over to your right wrist and repeat massage on this point while breathing deeply for three breaths.  Bring your hands to heart prayer pose and breathe deeply for three breaths.  Repeat if desired.


This can be set up in your Meditation Space, Zen Oasis or Meditation Corner.  Once this exercise is repeated enough times the energy, mind, spirit and body produces ‘muscle memory’ and remembers which energetic ‘setting’ you are asking to go to.  That way, massaging this point can be repeated elsewhere with the same result.

Once you get to the point of visualising and connecting to center with little effort you will find that all you need to do is think of this point and it will produce similar results.


Namaste and happy meditating 😀








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