You’ve made it!  You’ve done your inner work, you’ve eliminated those attachments to past traumas that were weighing you down and you feel GREAT!

You’re coasting along.  Everything is unfolding just as you had imagined it would be.
You’re at a higher emotional state, and you’re processing a higher energetic frequency!

power of attraction, healing, growth, expansion, love, truth, freedom

Life is following your plan.  You feel in control.

Then big Ka Ka happens.

A challenge, an accident, a misstep, a breakup, a sickness…

The kind of Ka Ka that shakes you to your core, creates insomnia and makes your heart palpate before your eyes even open in the morning.
The kind of Ka Ka that throws your center way off.

It feels crappy right now, but….

You are still on track, this is energy and emotion that is trying to settle into a new alignment after all the shifts you’ve done.

Project a bubble of energy out in front of you, and intend the future that you want unfolding before your eyes.

Do you have a habit of closing energy off when shit hits the fan?

We tighten our stomachs, stiffen our shoulders and tighten our face muscles.  You may begin to confine your energy to the realm of the blunder – or mistake – by repeating the events in your head, and torturing yourself.

Oh, your poor noggin!

Healing tension, losing fear

It isn’t a great idea to sit in those emotions or repeatedly shaming yourself, but you can use that to your advantage!

You can dive into how those low emotions feel.  And you can test it.

Feel into the following:
How does it feel to know that you screwed up?

How does it feel to OWN the screw up?

Really connect with the feeling of reacting from the Ka Ka trauma.

Muscle testing time:
Muscle test the % of alignment with;
“I own the fact that I made this mistake.”

Where are you 10%?  100%?

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Sometimes we make a decision and it turns out to not be the best for all involved in that situation.

Sometimes this backfires on us, and sends us backward to a lower energetic and emotional frequency.


Working through shame, guilt, despair, regret, anxiety, fear or any of the lower frequencies can be tough to do on your own.

It’s time to own these emotions instead of hiding from them!

inner child, resistence, trauma, hiding, healing

Have you tested those feelings of owning your mistake yet?

Write down your result.

It’s Tap it time…

Tapping Sequence:

EFT, emotional freedom technique, healing, positive reprogramming

Let’s tap out a negative round of EFT.  This brings up armed emotional attachment to the negative so we can disarm them before reprogramming them in the positive.

Begin with the Karate Chop point on the side of one had.  Tap and repeat:

I really screwed up.

I feel really, really bad about how that whole situation was handled.

This feeling of anxiety is very strong but I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

First round in the negative

EB  All this anxiety

SE  I know that I feel I deserve to feel this fear

UE  I must feel that I deserve to feel this way

UN  Because I’m still feeling these bad emotions!

CP  I’m still feeling shame

CB  I still feel guilty

TP  These are all my emotions

Second round in the negative

EB  I know that I am keeping these negative emotions
churning inside of me

SE  I feel despair, regret and anger

UE  I feel these emotions deeply

UN  I’m owning these emotions now

CP  All these emotions are mine and serve a purpose

CB  I’ve learned somewhere that these emotions keep me safe

TP  I’m going to be grateful that I’m feeling these as strongly as I am

Take a deep breath and exhale with a long slow breath.

Retest your muscle strength of owning your mistake.

“I own the fact that I made this mistake.”

Now test this phrase:

“I am open to forgiving myself and disarming all emotional
attachment to shame and guilt.”

Keep track of your test results.

First round in the positive:

EB  I deserve to honor all of my emotions

SE  even the crappy ones

UE  Maybe if I love myself and all of my screw ups

UN  I’ll feel better about myself

CP  And maybe this will raise my vibration

CB  so crappy stuff hardly ever happens to me and the ones I love!

TP  I deserve to be happy

Second round in the positive

EB  I deserve to be positive!

SE  I’ve worked hard to get to where I am in life

UE  I won’t let one mistake keep me down!

UN  Mistakes are just challenges that test my focus!

CP  I allow myself to focus on the blessings in my life

CB  I accept clarity of my path now

TP  So it is, it is done.  This or something better is aligned with me now.

Take a deep breath and release it.

Retest your muscle strength of owning your mistake.

“I own the fact that I made this mistake.”

Now test this phrase:

“I am open to forgiving myself and disarming all emotional
attachment to shame and guilt.”

Test the phrase:

“I allow myself to see challenges as tests of my focus.”

How does the mistake feel now?

Be gentle with yourself.  Be gentle with others.

We all make mistakes.

“We must all suffer one of two things:
The pain of discipline or the pain of regret
and disappointment.”
Jim Rohn


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