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Kinetic Divination

Kinetic Divination

“That’s what consciousness gives you; the willingness to look at where you are and be willing to go ‘you know what? This isn’t working for me. This isn’t great enough, this isn’t light enough, or fun enough. I would like something different. I would like something more!”

        Dr. Dain Heer

        Author and Facilitator at Access Consciousness

“I feel like I’m cursed.”

My friends looked at me with a mixture of confusion and annoyance.

I’m sure I could have held that bomb in for a bit longer, but my friends already know all the crazy ‘woo’ stuff I do so what the hell.

I mean, I haven’t ever met anyone who has really been cursed. But if there was ever anything close to being “full-on-shit-show-cursed” I was pretty sure I was it.

But that’s what happens when you’re living on borrowed energy. I didn’t have enough energy of my own, no self-worth, no personal power and no foundation to build from so I felt like I wasn’t really in control of my own life, like I was trying to catch up and like I was running in quick sand.

My body had given me enough warning signs, you’d think I would have stopped to listen.

But I was clueless.

This is normal for someone resonating at a lower vibration. You are at a low vibration after a trauma, a break up, a sickness or if you are the target of abuse for years.

You feel disconnected from your body, feel anxious, restless, have trouble focusing, have poor boundaries, feel taken advantage of, are always tired, unsatisfied and possibly feel the need to look to others to generate power for you in your own life.

~ For information on bullying and the body watch for my book “Dancing With Shadows”.

How do we shift out of the drudgery of dissatisfaction and into choice?

We begin to ask better questions.

When I finally began asking questions like “Is this it?” & “What else is possible?” instead of “Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t things just work out? Why do I always feel like I’m banging my head against a wall?”

I began to allow changes to show up in my life. I began to receive.

When we’re at a low resonance it’s impossible to receive. We don’t feel deserving enough, we are always looking for approval from that outside source.

We accept the perspective from that outside source, the judgments, the conclusions, the expectations and the fear.

But when we become conscious to the fact that we are dissatisfied and begin to seek a way outside of the box, options always show up.

  The options come in all sorts of synchronistic ways. For me it was Youtube videos, blog posts, FB posts and bits of information that piqued my interest in some way.

If you’re a sensitive, an empath a lightworker or on your very own spiritual path, you may have asked yourself the same question – What else is possible?

As a healer I couldn’t see what else was possible. I walked away from healing. Reiki was a beautiful opportunity to align the energy in my clients, but the misalignment came back! The perception was a constant in their life and continued to drain energy. I was ready for something that dissolved the perceptions and old stories that caused the dissonance in the first place.

We buy so much information that’s around us to just ‘fit in’. We collect beliefs and perceptions and they begin to create a reality that looks nothing like what we came here to experience.

We lose sight of our higher purpose.

We can witness the ways resistance is bought and implemented in our lives. We place them into our consciousness, our subconsciousness and our energetic system, it may seem like a huge task to release them all.

But there are always clues left to show us how to release them.

“The body can discern, to the finest degree, the difference between that which is supportive of life and that which is not.”

       Dr David R Hawkins

I began to learn different techniques and merged the tools from many healing modalities to test alignment with goals, tap into resistance or blocks and easily dissolve limitations, which offered availability for a new map to success to be created. 

   It’s exciting to think that the key to unlock any answer from deep within our subconscious mind, the secrets hiding within our bodies and the triggers entangled within our energy are just waiting to be unlocked! 

Imagine the immense satisfaction of documenting your progress toward success as you increase belief and confidence while watching your goals emerge before you!

We have the power of creation at our fingertips, the very air around us vibrates with our opinions, beliefs, willingness to receive or our resistance and our conclusions.

Opportunities in my life that offered choice presented fuel to create with, and many healing modalities have brought the playful energy to offer more. This can only get better and better and is fascinating to think of the possibilities coming to expand our consciousness!

   When looking for what else was possible I was led to answers that excited me and promised a way out of the dissatisfaction of the collective consciousness.

This system appeals to my Analytical mind, my Scientific Geek side and my Spiritual Witchy side.

   I was sick of feeling limited and sad to hear others complain of living lives that bored them to the point of sickness – literally.

Are you ready to ask what else is possible for you?





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