The Neediness
of Money!

Release all judgements, conclusions and expectations!
Stop the neediness & allow money to flow to you!

After this 2 hour Masterclass you will:

Lose the doubt &
command money to manifest!

Lose the anxiety &
show up with

Lose the frustration
& create with

Lose the fear &
choose your income
with certainty!

We’ll be connecting with possibilities to create with more ease
with questions like:
What if I created more with choice than
with control?
What is the value of refusing receiving?
What future can I create by feeling something different
right now?
What if I was committed to the awareness of how amazing I was instead of the
judgement of me?
What point of view am I committed to that if I changed it would create more
money than I thought was possible?

September 1

  4 PM –
6 PM

Healing EVENT


Every encounter I have had with Jillian has moved my business forward exponentially. Jillian works from the heart, and only has your highest good in hand the entire journey. I love using her methods, they are so playful and energized. I am working towards having Jillian as a full-time mentor on my team.

With just one …. I said ONE!!! – discovery session with Jillian – my life has leapt forward exponentially.

*The pain in my sciatica has diminished significantly
*I am moving forward in my business and claiming my place in the world.
*I sold my house that’s been on the market for years
*I am making plans to be seen and heard on an even bigger platform

All of this from one discovery call.

She moved deeply engrained blocks and helped me to just let- it- to- f*ck go…

Jillian is one of the most powerful healers I have come across (being one myself I know my thing) Do yourself a small blessing and book a session with Jillian
Lena Nicholson

Just a quick update on how things have been going with me since my one hour session with Jillian.

I have made great progress overcoming my fear of public speaking, which has enabled me to gain good traction in my business. I have filmed 2 Facebook lives and created videos on You Tube. I have also arranged to speak at a local networking group.

This has led to 2 new clients and book sales – and it now feels like the struggle has gone out of promoting my business, and it has become effortless and fun.

So if you need to overcome a worry or fear, and want to live the life of abundance you deserve, I recommend you have a chat with Jillian and see how she can help you 😊 Jackie Plant

Jillian has the unique gift of helping you go from inner chaos to order. In one session she managed to call out for old wounds from my subconscious at a conscious level and teach me how I can take control of them. I’ve never had a session where I had to be in touch with all physical and the non-physical parts of myself. Amazingly effective.  Ana H Gilfedder

If you’re looking for a spiritual coach, I cannot recommend Jillian highly enough! She is deeply intuitive, soothing, knowledgeable, gifted, and has an arsenal of tools under her belt which she shares in an understandable and easy-to-apply manner. Jillian coached me through some sleep issues I’ve been experiencing and helped me understand the energetic root of it. Two hours after our session I was sound asleep for the longest consecutive amount of time in over a month! I’m so grateful we connected.

Jamie-Lynn Weeks

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