So…. a ferrel Momma cat give birth to 5 kittens under my photography studio.  Unfortunately the Momma was hit by a car.

4 of the kittens were found the same day, I had feared the last was hit with Momma.  Two days later I heard a tiny ‘mew’ from across the street.

One hour of searching and number 5 was found!!  😀

Now LOTS of cats!!!  They are all doing well though.   They are happy, they seem healthy and have tonnes of energy.

I’ll put up one pic. .. .

I am trying to find homes for 2 or 3 of them.  I’ve bonded with the last kitty and another one is still pretty ferrel.

So…. totally…. in love…. kittens!  😀


Minx in basket

Minx in basket




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