Release YEARS of money trauma
so that you can manifest
your desired income with ease!

Kinetic Divination (KD) leads you through three steps in the process of
dissolving subconscious wealth blocks and creating your preferred income.

The first step:
KD uses Applied Kinesiology to test your energetic resonance baseline.
You fluctuate in emotion and energy throughout the day.
But your energetic baseline is pretty constant.  It’s your energetic resonance that changes moment to moment.
Your energetic baseline is important to know to be able to manifest with clarity, speed and ease!

This is where I teach you to “Check Your Baseline!”

The second step:
KD uses several systems I created, one of which is called ‘Body Sync’.
This locates the blockages and resistance trapped in your body and shifts these
to allow change to occur.

This is where I teach you to see your “E.Motions as Feedback”.

The third step:
KD uses the 7 Pillars of Alignment to check in with the alignment of your manifestation and
the Shadow Archetypes ( the 6 inner child Archetypes, the victim, the saboteur and the prostitute)
to be able to program your subconscious to allow all parts of you to be on board
with creating without the resistance of mindset or limiting beliefs getting in the way!

This is where I teach you to “Revisit Your Unique Anchor Image and Anchor Statement!”


Have you ever wanted change in your life but felt stuck?

Have you felt chained by beliefs or a mindset that didn’t allow you the courage to jump into anything new?

Have you ever felt immense clarity and focus and felt that you were finally on board with creating the life you desire only to suddenly feel derailed and frustrated by some unseen weight?

Do you know that the Law of Attraction works but don’t see consistent results with it working in your life?

It’s time to release subconscious programming that no longer works for you and step into a life where you have:

  • the confidence to create easily
  • the clarity of knowing what your next step is
  • the tools to dissolve overwhelm
  • the techniques to shift out of frustration
  • the skills to erase anxiety
  • and the process to create health & wealth!
Subconscious programming is tricky to locate since these are programs that have been running in the back of your mind since before you were born!

These are rules that we learn from our environment, our family and our cultural tribe!

These rules not only run as beliefs and rules in our mind, but they are entangled in our body, our energetic system and are connected with our ego to ensure we are safe and protected at all times.

 But there is a way to locate them and reframe them so that our mind works for us!

Beginning with a system that Chiropractors and Naturopaths have been using to test the body’s response to stimuli we can answer questions and locate what is blocking our desires!

Applied Kinesiology – or muscle testing – allows our body to communicate needs, desires and resistance.

Our body is constantly trying to communicate with us.  When we’re in a state of discomfort, dissatisfaction or confusion and see our emotions as feedback we can work with our body to create a life that would seem magickal to anyone who isn’t aware of this process!

After muscle testing we dive into energetic healing and subconscious programming!

Click ‘Wonder’ to get your free Shadow Archetype Toolkit
to test your Inner Child alignment!
“The body can discern, to the finest degree, the difference between that which
is supportive of life and that which is not.”

― David R. Hawkins
The First Step:

Your Energetic Resonance.

This is where we test your energy and your alignment with your goal!

We test your energetic baseline, your emotional atmosphere, your resistance and the percentage of balance
with your 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional and energetic).

Your energetic resonance is more important than you can imagine!

Dr. David Hawkins tells leads us through the stages of emotional frequency in his map of
consciousness that climbs from 20 MHz to 1000 MHz.

If you feel like you’re ‘pushing’ to accomplish tasks in life you may be lower than 200 MHz,
if you feel frustrated, anxious, sad, depressed or overwhelmed it’s important to
RAISE your resonance!

Knowing what your baseline energetic resonance is tells you if your body is in danger of becoming ill, if
you are struggling to create from feeling the need to ‘force’ creations in your reality or if you create from a place
of personal power.

These are my favourite books from Dr Hawkins
A portion of the sales from this site helps to create this site
“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”
― Carolyn Myss

These are my favourite books from Dr Carolyn Myss
A portion of the sales from this site helps to create this site

The Second Step:

Body Sync – releasing trapped emotions in the body.

What does your body feel like the moment you wake up in the morning?

This is a good indicator of how many trapped emotions there are in your body.

These emotions, triggers and beliefs are giving us clues that we often ignore.

KD teaches you how to locate these hidden blocks, find what isn’t yours, release energy and emotion that you’ve taken on from others and balance your body so that your body can heal, attract and radiate the way it should!

“All of us have our own inner fears, beliefs, opinions. These inner assumptions rule and govern our lives.
A suggestion has no power in and of itself. its power arises from the fact that you accept it mentally.”

― Joseph Murphy

These are my favourite books from Dr Joseph Murphy
A portion of the sales from this site helps to create this site

The Third Step:

Subconscious Reprogramming.

Are you clear on exactly what you want?

Most people aren’t!

This is exactly what you create.  Clarity with your goal will bring your desire to you.

When you state your goal you will become aware of either resistance or alignment in your 4 bodies –
your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Before we can program the subconscious we need to be sure that your 7 Pillars of Alignment are on board
as well as your Shadow Archetypes.

These are deep within the psyche and are often overlooked.

Becoming balanced within all of these you can then create your anchor statement and image that
you will repeat before sleep.

This will program your subconscious mind to create for you!

Kinetic Divination has created ease for clients who had suffered from PTSD, anxiety,
excess weight gain, fear, lack of confidence, lack of worthiness of creating money as well as a severe
seizure disorder.

KD has also been successful in helping clients who had fear of being seen online show up
with ease and confidence creating more opportunities for their business which resulted in a staggering
increase in revenue!


KD doesn’t just ‘fix’ challenges.

KD teaches you how to implement these strategies in your life.

It’s easy to learn this process and create the change you’ve been dreaming of seeing in your life, business,
relationships and your bank account!

Book a time to talk about how this can be implemented to create the change you desire in your life!