Feeling disconnected from your ability to create your desired income?

Learn how to release your heart chakra of past wounds & feel deserving of prosperity!!

This class is pre-recorded and can be started when YOU are ready!
If you are ready for a healing session as well as the training
you receive with this class that option is below.

This class is for you if you:

have money trauma

feel undeserving of wealth

have negative imprinted beliefs about money

grew up hearing limiting beliefs about money

feel ashamed, anxious, angry or fearful

when thinking about money

wonder why it’s not easy for you to manifest money

feel guilty about wanting money

feel powerless to create more money

7 lessons          7 video meditations          7 workbooks

Sent straight to your messenger inbox
– to lead you through processes that create a different money reality
– to anchor a positive emotional appreciation for wealth
– to magnetize opportunities and prosperity
like MAGIC!

By igniting the 7 Pillars of Alignment in wealth creation!

Belief  Confidence  Trust  Allowing  Safety  Worth & Deserving!

Join me for this self-study class where I lead you through connecting
with the magnetic qualities of your heart and your natural attraction to
abundance, money and wealth.
You will learn how to connect with the energy of wealth through the heart chakra,
how to clear attachments that deplete your energetic magnetism and how to turn
on your unique wealth signature.
Your heart has the power to create your desires with more ease and speed
than you could ever imagine.

“The heart’s magnetic field is about 5,000 times stronger than 
the magnetic field of the brain!”  Gregg Braden

My students have changed their mindset, emotional connection and healed old stories

around money to be able to create massive shifts and have manifested money

instantly or within a few days.

Students are amazed and I receive feedback from clients saying that they were

shocked at how it seemed like a gentle shift but created the most amazing impact!

Once knowing these tools you can absolutely step into immediate change with your wealth

mindset and financial reality.

When you implement these shifts into your reality –

the past income ceiling disappears!

This class will give you the tools so that you:
feel deserving of creating wealth
know how to release doubt
finally feel confident around money
and see your worth as a valuable creator!

Engage The Magnetic Qualities of Your Heart!

You have two options available!

    Self Study Class

You receive this pre-recorded self-study class that will give you

all the tools you need to create a different reality with money.

This class is yours to watch at your own pace.

You also receive;
– the PDF workbook,
– the muscle testing 101 workbook
– journal prompts,
– affirmations,
– subconscious scripts,
– mantras
– and  pendulum charts


Class + Coaching Call

You receive the self-study class
as well as all of the tools laid out to the left.
In your private 1.5-hour healing call we will;
– walk you through the steps of muscle testing

blocks to your prosperity,
– shift any blocks that come up,
– heal any past wounds or emotional triggers

around creating prosperity
– and create your unique script to program your
subconscious mind to create for you.


What do students and clients say?

I have so many words for this wonderful lady. She is an incredible teacher and is so knowledgable in her field. Her wisdom is phenomenal and her training that I’m doing for Kinetic Divination has been mind blowing and life changing for me and I’m already so confident with it that I’m already teaching my clients and opening new avenues and possibilities for the. 
I feel empowered every day because I know I’m creating the life I want with the tools Jillian has taught me. I definitely will be continuing to learn from her because she has much to give and she is worth every investment as it is an investment in myself. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. I’m so grateful I found you.   Donna Marie Bull

I can thoroughly recommend Jillian – her knowledge and understanding of her field is outstanding – and she has a lovely calm caring manor.

She really help me overcome my stress and fear of doing Facebook lives. I had never heard of muscle testing before – and still don’t really understand it – but after only half an hour session I was able to relax and easily do my first business Facebook live. Public speaking is my biggest fear – but I was able to do a live post very next day which proved to be the most popular post on my page ever.  Jackie Plant

After just one session with Jillian I feel more in Alignment than ever! I was able to remove some blocks and beliefs I had about money that allowed me to manifest the extra $1,500 I was wanting to reach a new financial goal in my business for the month of July. I learned so much about myself in that session that I recommend everyone who has high hopes and dreams for themselves take the time to see if you are on the right path when it comes to your focus and energy. I’ve been telling all my friends out Jillian and have a feeling that I will continue to do so because she has such an amazing gift!

Her voice is soothing, her knowledge is out of this world and the whole experience from top to bottom was something I had never experienced before. I am so excited to see what the rest of this year brings knowing what I know now after working through some deep issues with Jillian!  Jodi-Kay Edwards

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