It may seem odd, that I am a writer and yet I’m new to blogging…

But here I am!

Let me introduce myself a bit  😉

I’m a photographer, explorer, healer, songwriter, singer, spiritual companion and writer (my first book is coming out soon!).

I love sharing my ideas with people and hearing what other people have to say!

It’s time we open up our hearts and connect with each other about the things that are important to each of us, and reach out when we feel like we need a shoulder to lean against.

I am Canadian, I’ve traveled a bit of the world, lived in South Korea for two years and now live in a beautiful small city in Canada.

I am writing a book called Dancing with the Shadow of your Inner Child – how to not lose your s****t when dealing with negative people or bullies.  The book is soon to be published by Hay House/ Balboa Press.

As a healer it is important to me to reach out to people and talk about how negativity affects not just the emotional body, but the mental and physical body as well.

I will keep this short for now, but I can’t wait to share my ideas and hear from you about your experiences 🙂

Keep a look out for new blog posts, videos and music coming your way soon!  😀

TTFN spiritually enlightened ones!  😉

P.S. Don’t be afraid of the shadows!  You’re sparkling with light! XX00_MG_0447 CS2 with sun rays WM






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