Where does your personal power sit?

A few years ago, I had walked into a downtown store to check out beautiful crystals and interesting books on energy, healing and spirituality.

The store owner came up to me, and offered to schedule me in for a psychic reading.¬† I said sure, most Psychics can’t read me, but you can try… ūüėČ

She asked if she could touch my hair, to see if she can get a connection or not.


My hair?

Is it surprising to know that we hold power in every part of our body?  Or that we hold power in every cell of our body?  How do we learn to build that power in a healthy, productive and supportive way?

Most of the time, we use that power to fuel someone else.  We love to help out our friends, family, husband, wife and kids.  We put ourselves and our needs last.

I didn’t have a sister growing up.¬† I didn’t have a close female friend to teach me or model how to grow into my power, my sensuality, my gifts or my femininity.

My Mother bought me two books when I hit puberty.¬† One was “Are you there God?¬† It’s me, Margaret.” by Judy Blume.

Remember that one?   WoW  LOL

For many reasons, I grew up feeling like I should be ashamed of my body, my femininity, and my sexuality.¬† I felt that I should dull my personality down, shouldn’t use my voice and definitely should not make myself look my best, let alone be, feel or look SEXY!

I know from talking to other Women, that I’m not alone in this feeling.¬† But a lot of us are beginning to own our power.

It’s funny how that moment in that shop changed things for me.¬† It made me think about where we hold our power.¬† Where I hold my power.

There’s power, confidence, dominion, excitement, and self-respect in looking your best.¬† The very brush strokes put through your hair brings an energy to you that says “I love myself, I am enough and I can accomplish anything I put my mind to!”


We deserve to look, feel and have the very best!

Intent, energy and self-talk are powerful tools at our fingertips.  We hear this all the time, different authors, speakers and TV hosts are repeating the same message.

Are we listening?

Moreover, are we talking truth?¬† Are we telling ourselves that we’re good?

We’re good!¬† Just the way we are, I don’t care if I ‘want’ to lose 10 LBS, if I haven’t kept up with dying my hair, or if I’m a work in progress.¬† I’m still good, right now.

Personal Power is a big part of my life.¬† I no longer feel diminished.¬† I’m the master of my own manifestations.¬† And if I find myself in a situation where I feel someone is attempting to diminish me in some way – and power plays aren’t just for the sandbox folks, they happen in adulthood ALL the TIME – I remember WHY that isn’t where my focus should be.

It’s not giving them power, it’s not dismissing how wrong that is, but it’s choosing to focus on what is important for me.

It’s important for me to keep my resonance above neutral.¬† It’s important for the people around me to not feel the draining energy if I let that bully bring me down.¬† If you have kids you know how important it is to create a loving environment for them.

My fur babies and I keep our home in a loving and playful energy, and they help my Personal Power full up to the brim ūüėČ


How do you fill up your Personal Power?



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