Quantum Jumping Crash Course
Feel into the possibility of your greatest achievements! Witness the potential reality of your most successful accomplishments! Download a FREE bite-sized quantum jump sample!
Ready for the Quantum Jumping Crash Course?
Every decision you make in this reality leads to a conclusion of wave vs particle. Each decision creates separation. Each decision creates an alternate reality. This is the premise of Quantum Jumping. Quantum Jumping is a technique that leads you into an alternate reality where the alternate you has accomplished the goal you’re desiring in this reality! 
In this crash course you will learn how to muscle test:
  • Your percentage of goal alignment!
  • Your percentage of goal resistance!
  • Your percentage of alignment with your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies!
  • Your percentage of trust with accepting your goal!
  • Your level of safety with creating your goal!
  • The percentage of disturbance of other people’s beliefs stopping your goal from manifesting!
  • The common blocks to success!
  • The toxic emotional attachments to outshining others!
  • The fears and overwhelm from past lives! 
You’ll be guided into an alternate reality where you will align with the vibration of your goal already being achieved! You will step into the energy of the goal being accomplished! You will witness the emotional relief of the goal realized! You will then bring all of that back to this reality!
Your subconscious mind will believe you’ve already accomplished your goal & will work hard to make it happen FAST!
Are you ready to learn the steps from your alternate self who can lead you through the steps to success? 
Why Quantum Jump?
Master a New Skill! Burt Goldman and other facilitators of Quantum Energy Skills have learned to paint, play an instrument, sing and have learned many other talents in a fraction of the time only from visiting an alternate self that has knowledge and mastery of the skill!
Become pain free! Visit an alternate self who is free of pain and tune in with the frequency of a body that is healthy and vibrant!  Mirror the vibration and frequency of health in this reality!  Communicate better with your body to create a life that is free of pain!  
Tune into deeper states of consciousness! Consult with the skills and experience of your alternate self who has already mastered the deeper states and levels of consciousness that allows transformative manifestations!
Access the wealth you dream of! Visit an alternate reality, merge with your alternate self who has already accomplished the financial goal that you desire to program your subconscious mind in the frequency of creating that in this reality!
You will receive: 1.5 hours of one to one training The Kinetic Divination Muscle Testing EBook Your Quantum Jump audio file for download
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Muscle Testing & Quantum Jumping
Crash Course
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  I received Quantum Jumping training from Burt Goldman. This technique has brought countless people joy, love, passion, abundance, healing and astonishing fulfillment! Quantum Jumping is even easier than remote viewing or astral projection!  Your Quantum Jump can be easily learned and used quickly to shift into the energy and emotion of already having your goal, so your reality quickly pieces together the steps to catch up with your new vibration!
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