If you’re breathing, you are living.

If you are living, you have energy.

If you have energy, you ARE energy.

You also attract energy, and become entangled with energy.  Actually, you become entangled with

thought patterns
outside resistance
emotional triggers
filters and limitations of others
& on and on…

This event will teach you how to tap in and find the hidden (& not so hidden) entangled energy and disconnect it!!

Because you are such a compassionate and loving person…

– how do I know?

You’re on my page and I attract only the kindest and bestest people! 😉

… you most likely have walls and walls of entanglement around your heart.

We will not only heal all the entanglement, but will create a self-care practice that your Inner Child will love SO much s/he will release all resistance to LOVE surrounding and protecting your heart!

You will learn how to test which Inner Child Archetype is residing in your Heart Chakra and how to best connect and work with that Archetype!

As an Empath you may have heard at some point the importance of shielding.

So I’m sure you know your best shielding technique and do it every 




Ok, we all slip from time to time.

But once you know how to pull energy into your power center you will be the powerhouse manifestor you were put here to be!


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