Dande Fan Jillian Schleger Photography

Dande Fan Jillian Schleger Photography

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Speak Child.

I believed you.

     Why do we believe the stories others tell us?  Why would we believe that we are no good, that we aren’t talented, that we are useless, that we don’t matter?

We slowly wrap ourselves up in cocoons made of walls, concrete, brick and mortar. We dull ourselves down. We pretended to be someone we assume could be loved and accepted.

We try not to make waves, we try to be small and silent so that we don’t disrupt. We so desperately want  acceptance, more than anything in this world.

Have you had enough?

You weren’t put here to feel fear every single day! You were put here to experience as much joy and love as you could possibly fit into one lifetime!

Expand.  Trust.  Allow greatness to emerge.

Don’t we all have stories like this?  Don’t we all have a past filled with hurt, scars and cracks in our foundation?

What was the start to ascension?

Where were you when you began to realize that there is so much more?  More love, more light, more opportunities if you only believed you could reach for them?

I hope this reaches you in a place where you know 100% that you can reach for your hearts desire.






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