Create money with ease

Are you confident at manifesting most things in life, but get stuck when it

comes to creating a new money reality?

Do you feel it should be easier?

Are you ready to release blocks and own your right to

abundance and prosperity?

Spiritual Earning is the 6 week program

that will allow you to quantum shift into the mindset, energy and belief that your desired income is no longer a wish – but a fact.

Do you often say:

I know I’m made for more than this!

More people need to hear what I have to say!

My gifts will heal so many people!

Every time I try I seem to sabotage myself!

I’m afraid having money will change me!

My friends and family may not like me if I’m rich!

I’d have to work too hard to make the money I desire!

I know so many tools, why don’t they work for me?

It seems so easy for other people, is that possible for me?

I can make money, but then it seems to disappear!

I don’t know what I’d do if I actually achieved what I want!

“At the atomic level, matter does not even exist with certainty;
it only exists as a tendency to exist.” 

― Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief

I get it!
I understand how you feel!

And I know you just need a few tweaks and you’ll be
creating and feeling the freedom you crave
in NO time!

How did I do it?

How did I go from overwhelm, frustration, lack of trust, disbelief and *cough cough* ahem… ‘broke af’ – to creating an effective and unique healing system which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs bust money blocks and create the life of their dreams?

I hit rock bottom.

A few years after my Cancer diagnosis and treatment I married my best friend

– That bombed

I got an esteemed Government job

– my boss took every chance she could to bully and publicly shame me.

I knew that I didn’t come here for that!  I would come home feeling like I was at the end of my rope.

I would call friends crying, feeling depressed and going from one illness to the next because I was SO anxious about going to work.  But I would be told “Get over it. That’s life!”

That’s just not acceptable!

So I started to ask different questions.

What else is possible here?

What is this creating?

I began looking back at the courses I had taken by; the Silva Method, Burt Goldman, Christie Marie Sheldon, Carolyn Myss, Dr Joe Vitale and Donna Eden to name a few.

Then it all downloaded into my brain.

Take the best components of the programs I’ve taken over the past 25 years and create a NEW SYSTEM to bust subconscious programming!


I’ve since used this system to heal my own trauma, quit smoking, shift into feeling deserving of what I desire and help many many people achieve the dreams they’ve had!

I can’t believe how EASY this is!

After Spiritual Earning you will …

be comfortable pricing your gifts

be confident charging your worth

feel deserving to charge for 5 star client attraction

allow money to be a spiritual part of your business

honour your intimate relationship with money & wealth

find joy in creating wealth with ease

instantly shift from overwhelm to ease

tap into the power that emotions give as feedback

allow manifestations to appear quickly

release the need to know ‘how’

align confidently with your desires

dissolve limiting beliefs instantly

use quantum jumping to align with the income you desire

use quantum jumping to mirror the energy of wealth

easily break through old thought patterns

Spiritual Earning will teach you…

the common blocks Spiritual Entrepreneurs have with charging money

the hidden beliefs keeping you from your zone of genius

the common fears we’ve been taught about money

the 7 pillars of alignment you need to manifest with ease

the spiritual vows that prevent us from prospering

the soul contracts that block wealth

the toxic money blocks that most Teachers don’t teach you

the imprinted beliefs that aren’t yours that are blocking your wealth 

Spiritual Earning Deliverables:

6 modules with workbooks journals, visualization exercises and subconscious scripts

($500 value)

One 1 hour live group coaching with me each week and the audio recording of the coaching call

($1200 value)

Unlimited access to material & other participants inside the private FB Group

($600 value)

Mon – Fri inbox support with me for the full 6 weeks + FB group
check ins

($800 value)

Tutorial and Guidance Through Quantum Jumping

Shift & mirror different realities and timelines and neutralize negative momentum 

( priceless )

Instantly dissolving limiting beliefs, subconscious programming & mental blocks

( priceless )

see physical pain and emotional triggers as feedback and your greatest superpower

( priceless )

Are you ready to stop hustling and ready to see results?

Join us Aug 20th!

What do fans say?

After just one session with Jillian I feel more in Alignment than ever! I was able to remove some blocks and beliefs I had about money that allowed me to manifest the extra $1,500 I was wanting to reach a new financial goal in my business for the month of July. I learned so much about myself in that session that I recommend everyone who has high hopes and dreams for themselves take the time to see if you are on the right path when it comes to your focus and energy. I’ve been telling all my friends out Jillian and have a feeling that I will continue to do so because she has such an amazing gift!

Her voice is soothing, her knowledge is out of this world and the whole experience from top to bottom was something I had never experienced before. I am so excited to see what the rest of this year brings knowing what I know now after working through some deep issues with Jillian!
Jodi-Kay Edwards

Jillian has the unique gift of helping you go from inner chaos to order. In one session she managed to call out for old wounds from my subconscious at a conscious level and teach me how I can take control of them. I’ve never had a session where I had to be in touch with all physical and the non-physical parts of myself. Amazingly effective.  Ana H Gilfedder

I have so many words for this wonderful lady. She is an incredible teacher and is so knowledgable in her field. Her wisdom is phenomenal and her training that I’m doing for Kinetic Divination has been mind blowing and life changing for me and I’m already so confident with it that I’m already teaching my clients and opening new avenues and possibilities for them.
I feel empowered every day because I know I’m creating the life I want with the tools Jillian has taught me. I definitely will be continuing to learn from her because she has much to give and she is worth every investment as it is an investment in myself. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. I’m so grateful I found you.  Donna Marie Bull

If you’re looking for a spiritual coach, I cannot recommend Jillian highly enough! She is deeply intuitive, soothing, knowledgeable, gifted, and has an arsenal of tools under her belt which she shares in an understandable and easy-to-apply manner. Jillian coached me through some sleep issues I’ve been experiencing and helped me understand the energetic root of it. Two hours after our session I was sound asleep for the longest consecutive amount of time in over a month! I’m so grateful we connected.

Jamie-Lynn Weeks

“Knowledge without application is like

the wind without a sail to harness it!”

Burt Goldman

What you’ll be learning

You will learn specific techniques in Reiki, EFT, NLP,

Acupressure and Quantum Jumping to test, shift, align and reprogram.

These tools will help you navigate through:

Ready to (Quantum) Jump in?

Pay in Full

Payment Plan

VIP Membership
Pay in Full

VIP Membership
Payment Plan

There are eight seats available for this program

We start Aug 20, 2019

I can’t wait to welcome you!

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