Go from zero follows to entertaining raving fans!

Discover how Vibrational Marketing
uses energy & the Law of Attraction to connect you with
your heart aligned client tribe.

This 1:1 program starts
when you’re ready!

Learn and implement specific mindset, manifesting, Law of Attraction, energetic
and strategy tools to increase your vibration to skyrocket your online effect & reach!

This program teaches you tools to cure low social media
connection, engagement and conversion.

Are you tired of banging your head against
the wall, using strategy after strategy to be
seen, heard and acknowledged with NO luck?

I Get It!

With all of the ready made strategic plans out there
You’d think that following these guidelines would
give you the exact same results.

Why don’t they?

Because these plans don’t take emotional 
connection and energetic resonance into

I would hear my clients say that they ran
around from freebie to freebie,  Coach to Coach &
webinar to webinar trying to find the magic
pill or perfect strategy that attracted their
perfect client.

It’s so painful when
seems to work!

The truth is –
with so many Coaches teaching the same thing
and sharing the same tools to go from A – Z but only
getting a 27% success rate ( if lucky )

that means

Something’s missing!

Most Coaches don’t know of or have the tools to test;

 the emotional triggers that are
blocking engagement.

 the energetic resistance that
prevent connection with ideal clients.

 the mindset, thought patterns and
beliefs that keep you stuck and

Once these are tested, healed and cleared
you achieve an instant shift in
your ability to
attract, connect with and convert
the right clients!

The Benefits

I teach you how to test and fix where the
lack of conversion is happening.


This 6-week program
Gives you
Private FB messenger support
4 One hour healing & coaching sessions
Your client alignment blueprint
Your personalized strategy workbook
Your mindset, worth and expectation
& where you’ll heal old launch trauma

You’ll detach from past negative self-talk
And you’ll create your unique client attraction

We will dissolve past money trauma, disconnect from money fear that isn’t even yours,
create subconscious programming that overpowers any doubt and create a strategy
that is uniquely yours to align with and call in your ideal clients!

Plus the toolkits:

Learn Applied Kinesiology with the Muscle Testing Toolkit and test your alignment and resistance!

Test your alignment and resistance with your emotional connection with your ideal client

Test common limiting beliefs, expectations and conclusions around what you can and can’t be worthy of

Test where your mindset is pulling in your ideal clients and where your mindset is pushing your clients away

Enhance your energy psychology know- how with the Energetic Toolkit!

Learn Vibrational Marketing to magnetize your ideal clients

Learn energetic tools to release toxic emotions such as fear, doubt, overwhelm and frustration quickly

Learn how to connect with the energy of your ideal clients and pull them in with energy pulls and distant energy healing techniques

Learn advanced energy alchemy techniques with the Water Alchemy Toolkit!

Learn how to test the baseline vibration of your water

Learn how to structure your water so that all previous programming and memory is neutral

Learn how to program your water to vibrate and magnetize a specific desire

Hi I’m Jillian, and I was where you are

I showed up every day after working my full time job, sleeping 4 – 5 hours and busted my butt trying to compete for a minute of ‘air time’.

It seemed like there were so many people in the niche I choose and I didn’t know how to stand out.

So many people had been doing it longer and were doing it better, I quickly became disheartened, frustrated and depressed.

But I had something they didn’t have.

I had tools that decreased my frustration, overwhelm, depression and allowed me to increase my desire to keep showing up, enhanced my confidence and eliminated my fear!

These tools are the tools I use to show my clients where they are blocked energetically and emotionally that keep them from attracting the right clients for them.

I’ve seen it time and time again

If you show up radiating a certain energy and emotion – you attract that back to you!

Brand new to the Solo-Boss world?

No worries! This program will lay it all out for you so that you
can kick it with the best of them!

Been kickin’ it for a while?

I see you Boss!  Use these tools and techniques to take your
skills to advance your reach!

Boss-Babe Extraordinaire?

These tools will create a skill-set that your
Biz Besties will be envious of!

What you’ll receive in your training

If you’re ready to be seen

If you’re sick of feeling like other Coaches are passing you by

and you’re ready for your message to be heard

If you’re not havin’ you passion kept in the dark

and you’re ready to step into the spotlight

If you’re ready to SHINE

Now is the time!

Learn the tools, solve your lack of engagement problems and create
the business you desire once and for all!

Your bonuses!

The 1:1 Program

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Raving Reviews From Clients:

“This pinpointed exactly what was blocking me from my goal and opened up
the inherited beliefs within my body!”

“This completely lifted me up and now I have a plan!  NO doubt! NO fear!
I can now move forward! “

“After ONE session my life has leapt forward! Increased confidence!  A sudden
offer that I desired!  Deep blocks released!”