The Expansion Project!

Aligning you and your manifestation with the

unstoppable force of the Universe.

The Expansion Project brings you guided audio meditations, guided energy pulls and Journal PDFs right to your FB DM!


Take control of your manifestation

process with this 6 week program.


Dissolve hidden subconscious blocks

& create with ease, joy and speed!


Energy Pull

Energy Pulls are an effective technique

to increase the flow of energy into an intended

target, desire or goal.

       Expansion happens

       when you

       combine trust,

       possibility and


How can we become the greatest creators

we’ve never even thought was possible?

How can we allow more into our lives?


30 ways to expand

30 meditations

30 energy pulls

30 ways to create massive

change in our lives!


Create clarity in your manifestations!

Energy Pulls clear resistance to desires we

have and bring clarity to emotional triggers,

self-trust, intuition and wealth!


The Outline of the Expansion Project:



Who am I?

I’m Jillian, an Author and Intuitive Coach.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my Fur Babies.

As an energy healer, I quickly learned the depth and entanglement that trauma caused.

The desire for deeper healing led me to develop a healing system that located, dissolved blocks and created ease in aligning with desires.

This started my mission to teach Women how to neutralize shame and shift into empowerment!

In your Spiritual Business, timing isn’t everything.

Alignment is everything.

I help Woman feel worthy of creating like a boss, dissolve shame and align with their power to earn!