The Rescuer

written by Jillian Schleger
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I tried to rescue a squirrel when I was really young. 

I was walking home from school for lunch and I saw an injured squirrel on the sidewalk.  I tried to pick him up, he bit me and I said ‘forget you!’ and ran the rest of the way home, trying to hide the bite and the blood from my mother – who was a nurse.

It didn’t go over well.

That was the beginning of my rescuer journey.

Some rescue attempts have been amazing experiences and others have been about as successful as the squirrel incident, but I don’t regret any of them.

Those years rescuing animals, birds and boyfriends then led into the adventure of letting my inner healer be expressed fully.

I began taking courses and programs and was enthralled at all the different healing techniques!

The rescuer and healer compliment each other since the healer and rescuer are similar vibrations and are the expression of serving others at their core.

Although I wasn’t aware that this ‘serving others’ energy had often been misinterpreted to not heal or help others, but to SERVE others.

Many relationships in my life were plagued with expectations that were misinterpreted and misguided.

They had the point of view that I was useful when the capacity for me to serve them served their highest aim.  

By the time I realized the difference it was years into relationships with no healthy boundaries in sight.  

When I started learning more about Archetypal patterns and energetics frequencies I saw how quickly I could change my life and relationships and began to teach others how to stand in the power of their Archetypes.

We meet the people in our life with our energy first, so when we are doubtless and unstoppable while showing up in an Archetypal frequency there can be no mistaking that we mean business!

This energy sets the pace and shows confidence.

This provides an energetic tone of who we are and those around us can feel this certainty.

The boundaries are already set, because we’ve made the connection with this limitless power.

Buying the misinterpretation of who you are, acting from an Archetype others believe you to be, or staying in an Archetype long after you’ve outgrown it can cause resentment, frustration and all sorts of confusion in our relationships.

There are many Archetypes you could connect with, for this exercise we will focus on just these three.

Do you resonate with the Rescuer, the Healer or the Servant Archetype?

Test which Anchor below would be the best for you to create with.

Try these Anchor Statements or Questions to co-create with the contribution of these Archetypes!

Test which is most aligned with a situation or with what you’d like to create right now.


The Rescuer Archetype: 

Why is it that when I allow myself to be available to those who are in need of support I can create exactly what is needed for all of us?

What else is possible in this situation that can create the safest possible option?

Who can I contribute to today?


The Healer Archetype:

I can exit each situation after providing the energy needed and hold space from a distance knowing the required balance was received.

What different energy can I create around healing?

What is now ready to be healed so that I can create a different energy and contribute to the greater good? 


The Servant Archetype:

When I allow myself to serve others with joy I am completely fulfilled.

Why is it that the more gratitude I give the more I receive?

Who is now ready to receive the gifts of service only I can provide?


If you are ready to learn more about becoming aligned with the Archetypes and create like you mean it join us in my free FB Group by clicking the image below. 


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