What could you create in a reality where you are supported and contributed to?

It’s hard to create your own reality when you have people around you constantly pointing out things that aren’t going well.

You try SO hard to see the possibilities unfolding around you, but when people in your life aren’t on board it feels overwhelming or even impossible to create change!

It often seems like you’re swimming upstream!

I get it!

I was exactly where you are!

It seemed like every time I saw family and friends they would tell me to give up on my dream of succeeding in my business.

“It won’t work. Just get a real job!” They would try to convince me that I would be ‘happier’ in a 9-5 just like everyone else.

It’s not up to other people to have the same vision of our success, but it is up to those in our life to support our goals and visions for our future.

The people in our lives want to support us!

They often just need help showing us how.

With the work of intention, we can offer the specific desire of support to the people we love.

When I tried this I was at a loss of what else to do.

So I implemented this specific intention and within 12 hours I saw evidence of that intention working!

Even when I taught it to my clients, it worked for them too!


Several clients implemented this simple intention and saw results within hours.

There are many people who would try to highlight what’s wrong in the world and what you’re doing wrong, and that’s not their fault.

That’s an old collective consciousness program.

But with this intention, we can create a support system around you that proves how magnetic and powerful you truly are!

This intention proves the ‘rightness’ of you!

What you focus on expands, so it’s actually a danger to the delicate seedling of reality you are pruning for your attention to be anywhere near doubt or disbelief in what you’re creating.

Just consider what you could create with amazing support and contribution surrounding you!

How can I be even more aware of the unlimited evidence of the rightness of me, my choices and my desires

that would out create my conclusion of what my reality was and allow for a

potential of reality that I never thought could be?

My clients told me that when they saw this change in the level of support in their friends and family, they felt like they could relax into knowing they finally had the amazing support from the people they love!

I wanted to create a class to bring this skill to those who have been looking for a way to have more supportive realtionships with their family and friends.

So I created ‘the Rightness of You’ class.

In this 1.5 hour class you’ll learn how to:

This 1.5 hour class is Friday, April 22
at 5:00 pm EST


These classes are small and intimate.
Your specific questions can be answered and focused healing for you is an option.

Because these classes are small, space is limited, book your seat now.

First Name

Who am I?
I’m Jillian.

I’m the Creator of Kinetic Divination, a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner and an Author.

KD offers practical tools for energetically sensitive creators so that they can release trapped emotions, reprogram their subconscious minds and create the change they desire in their realities without limiting beliefs.

I love hacking challenges and dissatisfactions to create more ease and abundance for my life as well as for my clients and students.

I live in Nova Scotia Canada with my dog and two cats.

I’m also a multi-creative!

You may find my photography, art, songs and pendants on the interwebs if you are so curiously inclined ; )

What people have said about working with me:

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