The artistic struggle ….

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Sitting in a high enough vibration to manifest creative inspiration, being low enough in vibration to conform this inspiration into physical reality.


Floating in the etheric grey matter that ignites the senses, slows the breath, lifts the spirit, entangles with the soul and flirts with creating new synaptic connections.

But we need to leave that beauty long enough to transcribe this magic into mundane form.


Feb photo drive dreamy (1 WMof 1)

You have the privilege to use your voice.

As an SEO in Training, PUSH / PULL of energies is the balance we live in.

Let’s create an Artist SEO prayer 😀

I am grateful that Source energy finds me worthy of all this creativity and magic. I accept this gift and ask Source to give me the strength needed to be patient and allow this force to find teh best way into my heart and into my hands. With love, honor and belief, I will always be here waiting to serve with my talents and gifts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love and light fellow SEO’s. Always find the light Xx0o


My fav book to help the creative in me: Let the Elephants Run: Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything

My book: TOG: EU
Minx’s book:Princess Fuzzy Pants: The life of a once feral kitten

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