As Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we see a future that is full of ease, play, expansion, high vibe and magick.

We understand the aspects of actualizing – of seeing, feeling, intending, commanding, co-creating, allowing and receiving.

But at times, we get stuck between the Collective Consciousness and the Universal Consciousness.

Where the Collective sees a dozen options the Universal sees a Godzillion.

Where the Collective opts for movement by force the Universal moves mountains with ease and grace.

Where the Collective judge handfuls of coins the Universal allows the grains of sand on Earth to be monetized.

The old paradigms of the entity of ‘business’ may bring on constrictive energy as we assume we need to:

* work hard to get our desired results.

* have years of school, mentoring and practice to be effective.

* have money to make money

* be dependent on outside sources to be successful


As we move from the DJ – Day Job – and into the Solopreneur world, we may begin to see and feel beliefs and triggers come up that we had thought had been dealt with.

Limitations and doubts begin to come to the surface, and you may begin to feel that it would be easier to listen to those around you who say to just stay put where it is ‘safe’ and where the future is more reliable.


It is my hope for you that you move forward with your dreams in the safest way possible for you.

If you do – CONGRATS!

Common blocks or triggers may still appear from within, and I hope this will help!


The ONE major trigger, block or aspect of resistance I see with my Spiritual Bosses is the aspect of SELLING!

There are many options for where this could come from, and we had time to dive deep we could find out:

whether a large percentage of the trigger is yours,

if it is from your past life trauma,

if it is caused by filters taken on in your childhood

or if it is caused by energetic entanglement.

To do that we would need a little bit of time – check in with me here to book that time.


In this blog post, let’s briefly cover the energetic entanglement potentially taken on by your Chakra system.

You will be muscle testing.
You can do that by finger testing, body testing, testing with a friend or testing with a pendulum.

To learn more about muscle testing – or Applied Kinesiology – check out my training video here:  Mini AK Training Video.


I test the resistance, alignment and triggers that my clients have around attaining their goals.

In the following exercise you will test where your resistance or trigger is to selling.  The more triggers you have within one Chakra you can work on clearing and healing that Chakra.

To have a successful business we need to sell.  We may be selling a product, an idea or a service.

Many Spirit-preneurs have resistance to selling.

Sometimes it’s a mindset shift that is needed, and sometimes there needs to be an energetic therapy session to shift energy and remove blocks.

The Chakra system holds a lot of information for us.  Some of this information can be called the ‘Shadow Aspects’.

The shadow aspects of each Chakra hold trauma around specific issues.  We will look closer at each Chakra, and test how much resistance is coming from the Chakras themselves.

Before we get started please take responsibility for your own healing and reach out if you desire an energetic therapy session with me.

You will test your percentage of trigger that you have with the following statements.

A trigger is something that hasn’t been healed within your Body, Mind &/or Spirit that needs resolution.

Resolution and healing can occur once the trigger is seen.

This is the first step to take. 

Please don’t take this lightly, once you observe a trigger, other blocks may come to the surface.  I ask you to please move forward with caution and in moving forward with this exercise you clearly take responsibility for your own well being.

Muscle test your percentage of alignment with each statement below.
A high percentage of alignment ( above 80% ) is what you want.
A low percentage of alignment ( below 80% ) is a sign that that Chakra needs that statement cleared or healed.


It’s safe for my business to be here  ____%

It’s safe for me to be successful        ____%

I trust in the wisdom of my business ____%

I have a right to be prosperous

I am free of all fear around money

Making money through my business is pleasurable for me

My desires are sacred and deserve to be actualized

I accept the change my business creates

I connect with my business on an energetic and emotional level _____%

I am free of all guilt surrounding the success of my business  _____%

Any challenge is met with playful confidence _____%

My personal power is perfectly intact _____%

My individuality is what creates the best within my business _____%

I follow through and create my desired income with ease _____%

I am free of shame for the success I seek _____%

My desire to create this business is a testament of my altruism _____%

My business creates balance around me and raises the vibration of the world _____%

I love all aspects of my business even the aspects that are not an example of my strength _____%

I have released all grief from past challenges _____%

I am worthy of the wealth and success my business is bringing me _____%

The voice I share through my business is necessary _____%

It’s safe for me to share my creativity through my business _____%

It’s safe for me to be heard _____%

I have no fear of speaking clearly about my services and products _____%

I have no fear of criticism of me or my prosperous business _____%


I see the vision of my business with clarity _____%

I trust that I can actualize the vision of my business _____%

It’s safe for me to trust the wisdom of my vision to manifest in its own right _____%

It’s safe for me to be seen having a prosperous business_____%

I have no fear of ridicule of earning an income through my Spiritual Business _____%

I acknowledge the Divinity with me _____%

I am guided through trust to create my business from my highest power _____%

I feel safe to sell within my business_____%

I trust my inner wisdom _____%

I have no fear of reprimand around selling through my Spiritual Business _____%

How did you do?

Which Chakra is the most aligned with your business?

Which Chakra needs to clear some resistance to selling?

Comment below and let me know if your results were surprising or proof of what you already felt.


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