Top 10 Signs you Need an Energy Body DETOX

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1.  Drive

You feel as though you don’t have any drive, energy or desire.  You had focused on what is important and what made you happy, in the past and now you’ve lost the drive.

2.  Pulled to past trauma

You are still thinking about past trauma(s) that hurt you deeply.  You worry about what you could have said or have done to create the situation or trauma.  You feed this past event with energy, knowing this or not.

3.  Lethargy

You walk around in a daze, feeling as though you are sleepwalking.  You do the same things day in and day out.  You take the same route to work and you have little to no activities outside of work.

4.  Small accidents

You may joke that you are accident prone since you continuously have minor little accidents, like stubbing your toe Monday, get a papercut on Tuesday, forget your phone at the café on Wednesday… Careful, these are warnings and these small accidents could progress.

5.  Negative self-talk

What are the last thoughts that go through your head before you fall asleep?  What are the first thoughts when you wake in the morning?  Are you stuck in a negative loop of limiting beliefs, repeating moments of a day when things didn’t go exactly as planned or diminishing chatter is playing telling of qualities or characteristics that you feel are lacking?

6.  Dreaming of being stuck

One dream of being stuck somewhere – such as stuck in mud, enclosed in a room or frozen and unable to move – isn’t alarming, but multiple dreams of these things could be a sign that your energy centers aren’t happy with the vibration they are spinning at.

7.  Toxic attraction

Do you constantly feel oppressed, threatened, diminished, held back, bullied, made fun of or ignored by the people around you?  The people who are in your life are there because you attracted them.  Time to clean up your magnet!

8.  Forest or tree

Can’t see the forest for the trees…   Meaning you aren’t able to see the opportunities to leave unhealthy situations that are around you.  These are most likely small taps on the shoulder but Source doesn’t always hang an exit sign above doors that lead you to better situations.  This adventure is yours.  It may be now time to create your own bridge to better and brighter things.

9.  Feeling bloated

Are you holding on to – ummm – everything?  If your body is giving you a sense of over-stimulation or feeling bloated, it’s probable that your energy body is feeling the same.  Is it time to ground?  Is it time to release?  Another feeling of this is the feeling of too much on your shoulders.  Release that stuff dude!!!  You can’t do it ALL!

10.  Muscle testing

Your body can’t lie.  Every cell is charged with your DNA, your purpose, your truth.  If muscle testing produces inaccurate results, it’s time to come back to center.  It’s time to fill your well of being, adjust your arrow to North and connect to Source.

Muscle testing can be linking index and thumb between the same on the other hand and squeezing tight before asking a question, or hanging a ring from a looped piece of hair, or asking what yes and no mean while standing upright, or using a pendulum.

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If you have physical ailments or physical symptoms please see a medical professional.  Take responsibility for your health.

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