Water Alchemy Manifesting

is the 4-week program that teaches you how to
restructure, clear and charge the memory of water to:
increase the health of your body
heighten your bodies ability to heal
raise your energetic resonance
remove emotional resistance to your goal
dissolve energetic attachment to blocks
& manifest your goal with clarity

70% of your body is made up of water. You are charging the molecular structure of your body with your thoughts, feelings, energy and memory of water. The memory of water creates opportunity or resistance based on its resonance. Your body deserves clear and healthy water. Your body deserves the highest vibration to create and heal with.
“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” – Lucy Larcom

Maybe it’s because I’m a water sign,
but I’ve always been in love with water.

When I was a child I would
hide from my older Brother at the
bottom of the family pool.

When I began healing I would
easily shield
& project energy with water

I visualize water with effortless ease.

Manifesting is naturally that easy!

It makes sense to me that water would be
the element that helps us create with ease.

Water Alchemy Manifesting will teach you…

Does the water you drink hold memories
that aren’t yours?

Does the 70% of your water resist positive
programming because of past memory?

Water holds onto the memory of what it has
come into contact with

That’s both the water that makes up the
molecules in your body &
the water you drink

How important do you feel it would be to
learn the steps needed to release
anger &
trauma from water

Plants given structured water grow up to
3 times as fast and produce more vegetation
than plants given tap water.

The benefits of structured water:
increases energy
improves concentration and memory
promotes weight loss and weight maintenance
promotes better sleep
supports a healthy immune system
helps detoxify the body
promotes good digestion and reduces constipation
promotes longer life
improves skin complexion and circulation
helps stabilize blood sugar

The Universe is asking
“Show me your new vibration
& I will show you miracles”

What you’ll be learning

You will learn how to:

structure water

reprogram water

test the energetic resonance of water

test your energetic resonance baseline

test your alignment with your goal

find the resistance between you and your goal

clear subconscious blocks keeping you from manifesting

program your subconscious to create for you

Week One

Structuring Water

Goal creation

Law of Attraction Basics

Alignment muscle testing

Week Two

Charging Water

Law of Attraction exercises

Emotional connection with money

Common money block testing

Week Three

Charging water

Energetic resonance of goal

Subconscious programming

Environmental healing

Week Four

The art of letting go

Releasing expectation

Co-creation and the Chakras

The 7 pillars of alignment


Four 1-Hour Zoom Calls

Two 1-Hour Private Healing Calls
($400 value)

Group Coaching in the Private FB Group
(1 month $40 value)

Water Alchemy Manifesting Workbook
($20 value)

Health Benefits of Structuring Water

Benefits of Aligning with Your Goal

Ready to Co-create with the LoA?

There are 15 seats available for this program
We start Sept 16, 2019
Grab your seat now!

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