Where are you coming from?

When trying to manifest things: jobs, situations, people or money into your life you have to first ask yourself where you are coming from, are you phoning in a request while feeling disconnected to the reality that you already have it?

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Where are you asking from?

Are you coming from a place of expectancy?  Do you know for certain that it’s gonna work out for you, cause it always does?  Are you telling yourself tomorrow will bring joy?

Or are you coming from a place of fear, doubt, worry, lack or disbelief?

The laws of Attraction…

We hear so much about the LAW of Attraction.  Really we should be saying LAWS of Attraction.

There is not just ONE aspect to the Law of Attraction.  There are several aspects to consider and implement.

Where you are when ‘asking’ for what you want, what words you USE when ‘asking’, how you FEEL when ‘asking’, how you FEEL after ‘asking’ and what ACTION you are taking toward this thing you are ‘asking’ for.

I’m putting quotations around the word asking because we really shouldn’t be asking.  We should be AFFIRMING that we LOVE having this in our life already!

So let’s break this sh*t down real simple so we all can live in abundance, joy and happiness 😉

Where we are when affirming the object.

Put some warm tea in a mug then hold the mug in your hand  Say aloud that you are grateful for that mug.  You feel the warmth in your hand, you can anticipate how that tea will taste and you know the weight and texture of that object since it is yours.

Feeling grateful, feeling expectant, and knowing for sure that this object is there is the feeling that you want to have when affirming the manifestation.

Now place that mug on a table within arms reach.  You don’t have it in your hand, but can you still imagine what it feels like to have it in your hand?

Be in a vibration of openness, acceptance and allowance that it is yours.  See vibration as a radio dial.  You and you alone can change your mood, your situation and your vibration.

law of attraction, vibration, self change

What words we use when affirming the object.

Lose the words “I want.”  Carefully create words that make you lose any doubt that the manifestation is yours.

I have a dog, if my friend takes my dog for a walk that doesn’t mean that I no longer have a dog.  Miller is just at the park with Jack and will be back shortly.

Create affirmations that affirm that the manifestation is yours and you are grateful that it is within your vibration.

Be patient, and refrain from becoming frustrated and asking “Where’s my stuff!?”

law of attraction, manifestation

How we feel when affirming we have this.

Feeling grateful is one of the most powerful feelings that you can sit in.

I use the X3 method when manifesting.  If a thought comes into my mind that is opposite from the affirmation I am telling myself, I affirm for 3 times longer that I do have it, I’m grateful it is mine and I use action words that detail what I use this object for.

If you want a puppy, use words to describe how grateful you are to see that puppy play with your kids, or with your other fur babies.

If you want a house, use words to describe how amazing it would be to see yourself, your partner, your fur babies, your kids and your belongings in that house. What would that SOUND like?  What would that FEEL like?

How we feel after affirming we have this.

     When talking about the Laws of Attraction or manifesting, I ask people not to move before their shipment comes.

How do you feel when you order something from online?  You know it will arrive at your doorstep within 3-4 weeks.  You’re excited.  You FEEL like you have it already, cause you do.  It’s YOURS, you just don’t have it in your hands yet.

Disbelief or negativity after affirming with Source that we have this thing is like ordering a product online, then moving to a different home before the shipment arrives.

Source doesn’t know your forwarding address.  Now this doesn’t mean that you have to sit still once you do affirm with Source about something, but quite the opposite! ….

law of attraction, manifestation

What action we take in relation to this object.

 MOVE, meaning…  Don’t sit still!

Movement is like sending a forwarding address to Source.  WORKING on and toward this manifestation puts you in the same vibration of this object, and Source will move both you and the manifestation closer to each other.



Check your temperature.  What currents lay underneath your skin.  Do you look calm, but underneath you’re a bundle of nerves?

Consistency, feeling the belief, feeling the trust and taking action brings you the key to bringing to you what you want.   Any thought below belief takes you further away from the vibration of that manifestation.

Repeat after me…

“I have everything I need to be happy.”
“I have everything I need to be abundant.”
“I have amazing friends who support and love me just as I am.”
“I have an amazing partner who supports and loves me just as I am.”

What are you manifesting today?
What are you grateful for having in your life?


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