How do you get clarity to know whether your meditations are helping you manifest, or are just giving your wishes and dreams hi-def colour?

As an empath, I can feel when someone isn’t quite telling me the whole truth.

Add to that my interest in learning about energy healing, modalities on vibration and my obsession with the art and assessment of body language – and I’m officially undatable!!  ? ha ha… jussssstt… kidddinnng

Oh where, oh where did my fav TV show go?  “Lie To Me,” I miss you.

Yes, this is a post about Wishing vs Manifesting.

Yes, I am getting away with myself.

Yes, normally I try to be cut and dry – I dislike rambling posts just as much as you do… time is moolah..  I get it.

You may be saying…

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But ask yourself if you can tell if you are saying the truth?  Can you feel how your body tenses up if you fib?  Do you tell a white lie and then step back – away from the lower vibration of energy you just created?

Geech, I’m optimistic about you – my reader – aren’t I?  Well, we all at some point have told lies.  My Brother reminds me – mostly when I bring a boyfriend over to meet the family- of how much I fibbed when I was a child.

Who else wants to share older Brother stories?

Anyway… before we get to the good stuff – how to distinguish if you’re manifesting or just wishing you’re manifesting –

we need to cover some important info. first, so…

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Because, before we get right into it, we need to lay some ground work.

Do you know what you want?

Let’s make a list of 5 things that you want to manifest.

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Double and triple check that these things are ATTAINABLE!  And attainable for you!

If these things are attainable for everyone else, they are attainable for you, right?  Is that REALLY how you feel?

Do you need to lay down on the couch for this part?  I’ll wait….

Do you feel as though you HAVE everything you could ever want in your life?  Hint – your answer should be yes.

Do you feel as though you can manifest anything you want right now?  Hint – again, your answer should be yes.

If you think of manifesting $5 how does that feel?  Can you imagine putting on your spring coat and reaching into the pocket and finding $5 in there?  Sure, that’s easy right?  How about $60? $120?  How about $200,000?  Does it FEEL as easy to manifest $200,000?  Does it feel as easy as it would to manifest $5?

They should feel the same.  They are the same.  The energy of money is the energy of money.  Size does NOT matter…  when talking about energetic vibration.

Where YOU are on the energetic scale… now THAT matters.

The lower the frequency, the stronger the desire for ‘stuff’ and the bigger the frustration is over mundane challenges.

The higher the frequency, the lower the desire for ‘stuff’ and the clarity to see mundane challenges for what they are, energy.

Source, The Universe, God, Goddess, Divine Love or any other Deity you subscribe to, does not care about money.  You ask for money, you should get it.  Right?

Check below for a related blog post about how to ‘ask’.

If you want to manifest a new house, but don’t feel like it’s as easy as manifesting/attracting the opportunity of $5 we need to take action to bust those blocks.

Check Point:

<img src="flower.jpg" alt="flower and text reviewing manifesting from blog">

This means that finding $5 in your pocket should see a reaction similar to what you would see if you just found the keys to your brand new home.

Sidestep with me over here, to delve into a more detailed look at energetic vibration.

I’ll use two of my favourite Authors to hit this point home.

Carolyn Myss offers an exercise where we think of energetic vibration as a skyscraper (paraphrased).  You need to raise your frequency/vibration to see farther out in front of you.  Pretty simple right?  If you’re sitting at ground level, it’s difficult if not impossible to see past 1 or maybe 3 blocks in front of you.  If you take the elevator up to the 5th floor, you can see much further.  If you went up to the penthouse – I’m imagining it’s equipped with a telescope – how far do you think you could see?

Dr. Joe Dispenza writes in ‘breaking the habit of being yourself’ that “your personality makes up your reality.”  He takes you through the steps to change your reality from what it is now, to what you want it to be.  It’s a fascinating book that I am almost through now and will keep re-reading since I love the topics of neuroplasticity, brain waves, quantum physics and subatomic particles.  It’s a great read, he does a fantastic job of taking the above topics and writing about them in a way that is useful, easy to read and interesting.

But in our exercise here, I will use his viewpoint of meditation to fill in the puzzle piece.  Dr. Dispenza shows us the brain waves most able to be changed, manipulated, retaught, restructured or refocused.  He tells us that meditation takes us into our unconscious mind by way of the Theta brain-waves state.  Theta brain waves are when we are barely awake, such as just before falling asleep or just after waking up.  This is where we can visualise – and walk through – the reality we would like to manifest.

<img src="skyscraper.jpg" alt="infographic with skyscraper and puzzle to explain energetic vibration">

If you’re not in a place of allowing and you’re in lower frequencies – like anger, frustration, hate, shame – you cannot create!

Are you going through a challenge right now, that’s keeping you in a lower vibration?

<img src="puppy.jpg" alt="sad puppy with quote of where your energy should be focused on when in times of challenge">

Back to your list.

I haven’t forgotten you.  This background is important to know and understand.  Well, actually it’s maybe not as important to understand as it is to just allow and trust, but here we are, one step wiser I hope 😉

Shall we review muscle testing?

Stand up, feet shoulder-width apart.  Ask yourself what YES feels like.  Allow your body to move freely.  Do you lean forward slightly?  Thank your body for responding.  Ask yourself what NO feels like.  Allow your body to move freely.  Do you lean back slightly?  Thank you body for responding.

Sit cross-legged on the floor.  Repeat the above questions.

Link your thumbs and pinch them together.  Ask yourself what YES feels like and pull the thumbs against each other while pinching as hard as you can.  They should not break apart.  Ask yourself what NO feels like and pull your thumbs against each other while pinching as hard as you can.  They should break apart.

Take item number one on your list.

<img src="dandelion.jpg" alt="Dandelion seed macro shot with guided manifestation information"> As you ask yourself, do you feel as though this item is an aspiration, do you aspire to have it?  Is it a longing, craving, wish, want, do you feel eager to have it?

Or do you feel grateful for it?  Do you feel appreciative, thankful, and aware of the joy it brings?

While holding the image in your mind, walk into this image now.  Imagine having this in your hand if it’s small, touching it with your fingers if it isn’t so small, walking around or through it if possible.  Muscle test now, asking “Am I aligned with ______”  Allow your body to move forward or back.

This is a difficult thing to allow.  You want this item, so your mind may get in the way of your true answer.  This may be an exercise to do once you first wake or just before you go to sleep.

Repeat this exercise with the other objects on your list.

You can start with something ‘small’ until you train your mind out of the mundane analysis that size matters, and be sure to update me with what you manifested!

Time is a restriction only in your mind.  ALLOW!

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