Creating Your Dream Income
By Connecting With Your Inner Child
Releasing Money Fears &
Creating Your Divine Abundance Mindset!

Your Inner Child is a powerful ally in creating your preferred income.

But s/he may be one of several Shadow Archetypes that have learned how to keep you safely hidden from the dangers of the unknown!
Download this toolkit to learn more about the Shadow Archetypes, how they could be helping you create, or how they are blocking your success.

Do you feel restricted in your earning potential?

Learn the best tools to snap your subconscious out of fight, flight or protection mode
and feel empowered making the income you desire!

This is an 8-week private Coaching program
where you will learn to create abundance through
energetic alchemy,
subconscious programming and
quantum healing tools.

We take on ALL of the limiting beliefs of those around us
when we were between the ages of 0 -7.
We were in theta brainwave, which is essentially

These tools release you from childhood programming
& give you the ability to instantly shift your mindset,
achieve a new level of clarity and own your
Divine Income!

Disconnect your energetic, emotional and mental attachments to outside sources, feel less anxious, restless or lethargic!
Use my bio-energetic assessment techniques to uncover which Inner Child Archetype is creating your preferred income and which is resisting abundance.
Create with ease, confidence and speed using your preferred learning style and your Intuitive manifesting style.
It’s time for you to step into the embodiment of effortless creation

with a surplus of confidence

Your desires have come to you for a reason

But if you feel held back by resistance, doubt, worry or fear, now
is the time to honour your inner child and rise
with empowerment and love.

The old beliefs are shifting out.   These old aspects reside in the
collective unconscious and are universally related to survival.  

The energetic shifts lately have brought us into a wider awareness
that the old money beliefs are not only false but are no longer necessary.

The Archetypal patterns of the inner child is made up of these 6 aspects.  When we 
connect with, test, heal and align these we are able to dissolve the unconscious triggers
around money and can begin to create through subconscious programming.
Jung believed that we inherited this collective unconscious which
is made up of mostly archetypal patterns.
Introduces you to your Inner Child Archetypes!
When you achieve clarity around your desired income level you align this with
these Archetypes.
The Inner Child Archetypes work with your subconscious to create for you.

These aspects of the Inner Child become a dedicated component of
your true voice and become your intricate and magical support system.

 Within these 8 weeks you will:

  • Identify and release any limiting beliefs that are not yours
  • Locate ‘success blockers’ that are keeping you stuck
  • Disconnect from outside sources that aren’t serving you
  • Align with empowerment beliefs and the truth that everything is in contribution to you
  • Create your guilt FREE abundance mindset
  • Introduce your Inner Child to a reality of wealth, abundance and prosperity
  • Learn your LOA and manifestation preferred style of engagement
  • Create your ideal environment to create through safety and trust
  • Each Archetype is tested and aligned with the Chakra system
  • Each Archetype is aligned with your new money mindset
When you begin to send love and acceptance to your Inner Child
the shift to alignment happens SO fast!
The Modules
Creating your money blueprint, creating a crystal clear and an emotionally and energetically aligned money goal!
Money talk and the Inner Child, Muscle testing what block is yours and what belongs to someone else!
The Shadow Archetypes and your alignment with Divine abundance! Learning the tools to shift out of fear, doubt and overwhelm!
Testing the Chakras and your Inner Child Archetypes.  Where are you depleted of energy and where is energy in excess?
Creating your subconscious script, allowing the resistance to bubble up to the surface,  journaling and daily exercises to keep on target!
Checking in with your perspective, intention and focus in regards to letting go and allowing your goal to find you!
Advanced energy, mindset and alignment tools to check in with your Inner Child, the Shadow Archetypes and allowing the natural ebb and flow of creation to take place.
Meditation and visualization tools to find the missing puzzle pieces, tightening the loose molecules of manifesting and QnA.
In addition to 1:1 Coaching this
8-week program provides:
Reiki healing
Muscle Testing Training
Sigil Creating Work
Light Trance Work
Bio-Energetic Alignment Training
Prosperity Consciousness Alignment
Inner Child Archetype Healing and
Dissolving Emotional Triggers
Aligning with your Money Goal
Subconscious Scripting to Create Goal
Success Mindset Training
Block Busting and Dissolving Training
The Orphan Child


Benefit When Balanced:

The Wounded Child

Learning to Forgive

Benefit When Balanced:

The Magical Child

Believing in Miracles

Benefit When Balanced:
Engaging Potential Within Magic

The Divine Child

Self Defence

Benefit When Balanced:

The Nature Child


Benefit When Balanced:

The Eternal Child


Benefit When Balanced:


Are you ready to heal and align all aspects of you?

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