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30 Days to Prosperity Program

Are you ready to release all doubt about manifesting and create the income you dream of?

Do you feel ready to do thing YOUR way?


These 4 healing sessions are to bust through the top blocks holding you back from earning your income goal!

Magnetic Business Mastery

Coaching sessions 

30 Days to Prosperity Program

You're in the right place if

  • You feel your money is stuck under an income ceiling that doesn’t excite you.
  • You feel ready to start that business but don’t know how to create money.
  • Your money has always come from an outside source (job, boss, salary).
  • You struggle with feelings of doubt, guilt, fear or worthiness around earning large sums of money.

And you're Ready to

  • Bring your vision and light to the world!

  • Be seen, heard and make a difference!

  • Stand as the expert you are in your niche!

  • Align with your 5 stars clients!

  • Thrive and support others by leading by example!