On the path of forgiveness, I must acknowledge every wound and release all attachment to the how, the why, the when, the where and the who.

These wounds that I had carried with me, for30+ years, were heavy.

They leaked into my conscious mind and hadn’t done justice to my confidence.

If you are familiar with similar wounds, you would know how these dissonances affect your daily connection with yourself and with others.

These wounds weigh you down, cause you to not trust as easily as you should, distort your connection to you higher self, beg you to ask why and make you believe that you are the same person as you were when these wounds were inflicted.

I’m not the same person as I was 30, 15 or even 1 year ago.  I’ve grown, matured, expanded spiritually and I’ve become more connected to who I am at my core.

Delving into the Universal Laws, and focusing on the Law of Attraction, has sped up the process of expansion.  Creating the Law of Attraction Triad has been a blessing in every aspect of my life.

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Even when I have a crappy day, am exceptionally hard on myself or sink into a moment of lower energetic resonance, I have begun to thank this emotion for coming to the surface.

I can be grateful knowing that this emotion has come to the surface because it’s ready to heal and it’s ready to be released.

There are two emotional wounds that have been tougher to let go of and move on from.

Shame and Guilt

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Shame and guilt feed off of each moment I had.  There is no peace if your energy is entangled with guilt or shame.

I felt as though it wasn’t me who was living this life, I was at the mercy of these lower emotions.

I know for sure that these emotions preceded my anxiety disorder.  Living in the darkness of an anxiety disorder sends a beacon out for those who prey on the wounded.

See my post about Bullying and the Body here.

energy of guilt, healing, pain of guilt, selfawareness

Guilt is a unique energetic resonance which introduces you before you adjust your body language to seem in control of yourself and before you shape your words to form a coherent and confident sentence.  You can’t fool anyone.  Guilt drips off of each Chakra and is the pungent perfume of pain and imbalance.

Focusing on clearing and balancing myself I was daydreaming about taking a trip to Tuscany.  I thought I’d create a travel itinerary and start a vision board specifically for this manifestation.  Before I could get started on this plan, I heard the words “You can’t get there from here.”

The meaning was understood.  The guidance was not to clarify that I couldn’t get on a plane or make the trip physically.
The guidance was to point out that my manifestations couldn’t make it through the sludge of the lower energetic resonance of guilt and shame.

I had to clear these first before I could lift my energetic frequency and feel worthy enough to manifest anything at all.

If you sit in the emotion of shame or guilt could you ever feel worthy?

This is what I had to ask myself.  And this is what I had to test.  What did I feel worthy of?

I found it was easier to ask myself to allow feeling worthy, instead of expecting worth to just appear.

allowing, manifesting, dreams, healing, intention, energy work

Just by allowing, validating, seeing and acknowledging these lower emotions had released and cleared them.

Allowing opens up hallways full of opportunities for connections.  I began to connect to the allowance of the life I dream about.  A life where my manifestations align with my highest self.

And my highest self could never be touched by guilt and shame.

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