Your Wealth Chart
Test your alignment with your income desire!
Have you been using all the Law of Attraction tools you know, but you haven’t been able to find the missing link or secret in manifesting your desired income? Do you feel anxious or disconnected with your money goal? Book this Intuitive Muscle Testing session to receive your Wealth Chart! Test:
  • The Chakra that is best used to connect with creating wealth
  • The Chakra that is now being used to create wealth
  • Where you’re losing energy from
  • Your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies
  • Past life money trauma
  • Inherited vows, contracts or beliefs
  • Subconscious programming or outside influence and aspects
Your distance Intuitive Reading gives you a blueprint of where you’re aligned and where you are resisting your income, abundance and wealth goals. Test the 7 Pillars of Alignment and receive money mantras that will help you create through conscious creation!
Book your unique and personalized Wealth Chart only for $49
By booking your Intuitive wealth chart session or chart you agree that I will connect with your energy from a distance.  You agree to allow me to tap into you and read your body intuitively only for this session and this session only. This is similar to a distance Reiki session where I as a Reiki Master can Intuitively read and muscle test your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Please drink lots of water the day of the Intuitive reading.

The 21Hidden Mental Blocks to Wealth

THE WEALTH WORKBOOK outlines the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your financial goal. 

Learn how to communicate with your body and shift blocks with THE WEALTH WORKBOOK.



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