10 Warning Signs You Need to Build a ZEN Space.


Unstable Foundation.

You keep sending energy/thinking about childhood trauma:

– The jacka** at school that called you fat because you started to wear baggy clothes to hide the sprouting of boobs.  And 30 years later your ego still repeats his voice calling you fat.

– The humiliation of the time the Coach screamed in front of the team that you can’t ever seem to get it right.  And 30 years later your ego repeats her voice telling you, you just can’t do anything right.

– The nights at the dinner table when your parents fought over not having enough money to send you to that camp again for the summer.  And 30 years later, you tell yourself you don’t have enough money.



– You wake up feeling as though you just closed your eyes, and you definitely don’t feel rested.

– You go to bed feeling like you could sleep for 24 hours, but then lay there wide awake.


Low Self-Esteem or the idea that having Self-Esteem is bad.

– You have felt neglected or abandoned.

– You’ve seldom had anyone close to you praise you or give you positive feedback.


Sitting in low vibrations.

– You feel angry, guilty, confused or ashamed, all the time and for no reason.

– You can’t bring yourself out of low frequencies, emotions or feelings.


You are unable to make seemingly simple decisions.

– Do you go to the grocery store 6 blocks away?  Or do you go to the corner store and pay three times as much?

– What do you want for dinner?

– Do you want to watch TV tonight, or watch a movie?


You replay scenarios in your mind of things that could have gone horribly wrong.

– If you hadn’t seen that car slide through the stop sign…

– That dog could have run out in front of your car as you were looking down the street….


You focus on someone who has wronged you and refuse to let it go.

– That bf who left you at prom 2 or 30+ years ago?


You feel limited in your ability to have abundance.

–  You are unable to see opportunities or choices that may be around you.

–  Any rejection you receive fuels the idea that you can’t have abundance.


You feel beat down and unable to make a difference.

– You feel as though only negative people are drawn to you.

–   You see criticism as a personal attack.


The idea of success AND failure scare the crap out of you.

– You feel threatened by someone you know who is successful.

– The feeling of failure keeps you from progressing toward your dreams.

Wow, there’s a lot going on in our minds!

The scenarios above are unfortunately possibly a fraction of what may be going on in your life.

It may seem silly to think of a space in your home that will cure you of all the above, and then some.

You may say, “But my home is my sanctuary!  Why do I need to create a sanctuary inside my sanctuary?!”


I love my home. 

It’s cute, and has such fantastic character.  But, I have a large dog, 2 cats and a fish.  Most days – as I curiously watch the dust gremlins roll by and argue with myself that I did vacuum yesterday – I feel that the house belongs to them.  Well, not the fish… he’s pretty chill and keeps to himself…  I’m imagining those of you with kids are shaking your finger at the screen/tablet/phone right about now.  LOL

But I am also an Artist. 

That means, that I have a studio for painting and a somewhat studio for photography.  The kitchen at times has been made to house the photography studio :S

The bedroom, you may think, must be my space for rest, relaxation, meditation and be an enchanting atmosphere to recharge, realign, reconnect and disassemble all energetic entanglements with negativity.  Again I remind you of Exhibit One – the fur babies.  The bed is theirs.  They just let me use some of it each night.

As I ramble, you may begin to either think I need to kick the fur kids out, or you may get it, agree and think yes, I need a small corner just for ME!   How amazing and ideal would it be to bring in some Zen, Feng Shui, and Mindfulness, while creating a refuge, safe haven and Meditative space.

Before you delve into Pinterest land to map out the design of your oasis, I ask you to consider the following:

Choose a color palette – soft, pastel, earth tones greenery or inspired passionate colors to engage inspiration?

Choose a texture – interactive materials, pillows, rugs and curtains that your fingers can sink into?  Or would clean and minimal be more your style?

Choose your perfect ambiance to attract the perfect energy within your space.  One candle?  Or shall you be engulfed within a cocoon of tool and twinkle lights? Would a water feature suit your space?  Or would you rather listen to chill out instrumental music?  Are you surrounded by plants, vines and flowers?

Choose to be enticed with forest inspired incense or balanced aromas of rose or lavender.

And finally think of the decorations you could add to create an ambience that is perfectly you.

Once you have your Zen space started – and you can begin with the intent… you don’t have to have to space fully formed before you begin charging it with your own perfect cocktail of energetic intention – you can begin to use your own space to sit quietly and program it with all the beautiful things you are bringing into your life.

The wonderful added bonus is, when you are out in the world and aren’t having a fantabulous day, you just have to think of your Zen Space.  Just linking your mind to a person, place or thing can bring the feeling of peace associated with it.


Share with me if you already have a Zen Retreat in your home, or if you are going to create one I’d love to hear about your perfect space in your home.




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