I’m Jillian Schleger

I’m an Author & Healer

I created a unique healing modality that I teach to Spiritual Bosses.

This healing modality is implemented so that Spiritual Bosses can eliminate subconscious programming and blocks so that they can finally show up, stand out and make the income they desire in their soul-led business!

I’m here to help you:

Find where there are BLOCKS to your wealth and teach you how to dissolve them!

Heal limiting beliefs keeping you STUCK in situations that aren’t creating for you!

Help you create the perfect career for!

Differentiate between HOPEFUL intentions and COMMANDING your manifestations to appear!

Walk you through the process of BUSTING that income ceiling!

Help you design your unique signature program that will create results for your clients FAST!

If you are ready to create the change you desire in your life book a free consult below.

Learn how to tap into your subconscious,  so that you can create your desires with ease!

I may receive royalties if you purchase products from links on my page.

The 21Hidden Mental Blocks to Wealth

THE WEALTH WORKBOOK outlines the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your financial goal. 

Learn how to communicate with your body and shift blocks with THE WEALTH WORKBOOK.



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