Offering tools to create
health & abundance
after trauma.

This isn’t your typical healing system.
We locate the root of the problem, 
dissolve it and create what you do want.

After a cancer diagnosis, divorce, and being bullied at a Government job I stopped asking
and I began asking better questions.

I began asking my subconscious how I could be better, heal quicker and how I could teach others to do the same.

I had over 20 years of working as a healer, but it was forbidden to bring Eastern Healing into Western long term care facilities,
without accreditation and proper documentation.

It was painful to watch.

It was scary to think I would watch my loved ones suffer through the same.
So I began to learn what I could do to dissolve this trauma that 
seemed to be stuck in their bodies.

The 21Hidden Mental Blocks to Wealth

THE WEALTH WORKBOOK outlines the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your financial goal. 

Learn how to communicate with your body and shift blocks with THE WEALTH WORKBOOK.



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