Self Study

5 videos  + 3 audio downloads + 42 page Workbook!

I’ve merged two of my most sought after tools together to bring you the most profound manifesting class!

Quantum Jumping + Astral Projection!!

Expand your vision beyond the momentum of the past and step into clear potential of the reality you have the tools to create!

  • Get unstuck!
  • Boost creativity!
  • Find clarity!
  • Achieve INSTANT empowerment!
  • Shift into success mindset!

Receive guidance from your alternate self with a quantum jump, and work with that alternate self while you astral project to feel limitless as you visit realms that prove anything is possible!

Release the mental chatter, safely be guided through the exercise, step into certainty and plant the seeds of your goal within the fertile astral realm so that your desire will emerge easily in your reality!



4 videos + 3 audio downloads + 40 page Workbook!

Money is Energy!  As an Energy Healer, I felt as though I had missed out on the first serving of pie when I heard that after doing healing work for over  20 years!!!

Money IS energy.  That means we can align, shift, transform and create money just as we do with energetic and emotional triggers!

So that means it gets to be EASY!  That means it gets to be FUN!

This is the self-study class to help you create what you desire, to help you get over the trauma of BILLS, to help you feel ABUNDANT and to help you create the way you are SUPPOSED TO!

Don’t let this introductory price fool you!  This is one hell of a powerful class!

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