I love how mainstream things like manifesting, actualizing, quantum jumping and the Law of Attraction are now, compared to when I was younger.

I was seen as ‘odd’ for believing in things like parapsychology or energy work and it was definitely frowned upon when I wanted to learn more about the parts of our reality that were ‘unseen’.

But even with the peek of interest in the LOA, I see a lot of people getting stuck in the rabbit hole of affirmations and vision boards with little in the way of ‘progress’ toward what they desire.

Why is that?

That would be the points of view, rules and beliefs that we bought as children that are getting in the way of being able to manifest what we want on a whim.

In the work that I do, I teach my clients how to remove these points of view (subconscious programming) so that they can create the life they want. 

Dissolve outdated rules

+ add positive programming in the way of ‘Anchor Statements (AS)’

and you emerge with a mindset that works for you instead of against you.

When we look into that outdated programming, we often run into points of view that we’ve taken on from other people, as though they are fact.

They’ve made these points of view RULES to live by, and some part of them believes that if they didn’t abide by these rules there would be hell to pay!

Good golly if you stepped out of line you would surely be eaten by a sabertooth tiger!
*insert eye roll here

In all fairness, these rules are in place to keep us safe.

They are outdated and are no longer needed.

But these points of view are often like default programming, and a lot of us do require a tune-up to get rid of unnecessary factory settings.

Three powerful words I ask my clients to ask themselves every day are:

“Is this mine?”

“Is that really yours?”

Let me explain…

We take on so much between the ages of 0 – 7 ( as we are in Theta brainwave state), and then after that, we become entangled energetically, emotionally and mentally with the people we admire in our lives.

Do we really even know who WE really are?

Because really, we are so wrapped up in the points of views, perceptions, conclusions and judgements of other people that we can’t really be sure who the heck we really are!

The good news is – you can change that!

Your body naturally
knows how to create ease for you.

You can come back to ease – your natural state.

You can come back to your truth.

You can create those things that you desire in your life. 

I’d love to offer you the opportunity to test if some of the points of view below have been keeping you from being able to create the amazing reality you deserve. 

I’ve listed 15 points of view (POV) below – as well as some Anchor Statements – for you to create something different. 

As you read through the points of view below, I’d love for you to take the opportunity to check in with your body.

Check-in and ask your body:

Do I need to test this?
Do I own this?
Is this stopping me from creating what I want?
How much is this affecting my body?
How much is this affecting the opportunities that could be available to me?
How much of this is actually mine?

Click below to grab your free cheat sheet with these new Anchor Statements.

As you read these points of view on the left;
ask your body for a yes or no response
then ask your body if you have ‘bought (taken on, accepted) the point of view.

As you read the new Anchor Statement on the right ask your body:
“Body, are you willing to have that as your new belief?”

Grab the cheat sheet above for a muscle testing exercise with these powerful statements.

Points of View


I’m not in control of my life



I don’t have the power to create the change I desire


I can’t outshine other people


It’s not safe to be different than others


It’s not safe to be wealthy


I am stuck in poverty


I need permission to create what I desire



If I create what I want, other people will go without


I’m not good enough


I’m afraid of rejection


 It’s greedy to want what I want



It’s lonely at the top


 I don’t deserve to have so much


I am not worthy of so much good


It will cost me too much to achieve what I want

Anchor Statements


I am a creator & am always in control of my life


I have the power to create the change I desire


I’m here to be seen & to shine with my truth


I am different and I am supported


As I create wealth I allow others to receive more as well


I am grateful for the abundance available to me


The realization of my desire is my permission to achieve it


If I have more I can be more, I can give more & I can help more


I am always good enough


I am willing to be accepted by the people who need my story


Having what I want allows me to help others create what they want


I get to help others rise when I am at the top


I deserve to have what I want


I am worthy of all the good I see


It’s safe for me to achieve what I want


Which Anchor Statement is your favourite?

Which one will you use to create more in your reality?

Till next time





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