Being the gift you truly be

written by Jillian Schleger
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I love instant Manifesting.
As I was getting my tea this morning I was thinking about a past client of mine whose future I saw as clearly as I could see my own.
I could see her business thriving.
I could see the clients whose lives she’d transformed.
I could see her happy and healthy and vibrant as she was living her best life from being the greatness and gift that she truly be.
But she kept choosing something different.
She kept choosing a past story.
The story where she chose the conclusion of her, the judgement of her and the wrongness of her.
It’s easy to get stuck in that loop and that story.
Especially when you see it with everyone in your life who surrounds you and expects you to be living, choosing and reacting in a predictable way.
Everything that brings up – eject, detach, denounce, reject, renounce and reclaim the energy of greatness now.
So… I went into the wrongness of me.
What was I doing wrong in the facilitation of her learning, growing and choosing?

Continue reading below about instant manifesting and being the gift you truly be…

Many of my rants are inspired by Access Consciousness (AC). I am not a facilitator (yet) but if you’d like to create more in your life you can choose to learn about AC by going to their website:
or by following my fave AC facilitators:
Shannon O’Hara

When choosing to heal any blocks that get in the way of you choosing something different book a chat with me to talk about how Kinetic Divination can give you tools to create more.

It was then that I found Dr Dain Heer’s book ‘body whispering’ where he said:
“If there’s one thing that has trapped more healers than any other, this is it: giving our clients our interpretation of what’s going on with them rather than asking questions so they come to their own awareness about what’s going on with them.
When you give answers and especially if those answers make your clients life greater you become the source of that greatness.
They will see you as insightful and perceptive and they’ll come to you for more answers. When we ask questions we allow our clients to find their own answers, we give them the gift of their own greater awareness and this is a gift that truly sets them free.”
When I logged into Facebook today I saw a post from someone I follow, talking about her experience when she wasn’t ready to be the gift that she truly be – enter instant manifesting…
This was exactly what had been going on with my client.
She hadn’t been ready to see herself as a gift that she truly was and she wasn’t ready to perceive, accept and receive the greatness that she truly be.
If this is an opportunity that you find yourself in often, ask yourself:

Where am I being the gift I truly be in my reality

Where in my life am I being the greatness that I truly be?

Where in my life can I choose, institute and demand that all the perceptions of someone else’s judgements, conclusions and rules be ejected, detached, denounced, rejected, and renounced so that I can reclaim my greatness now?

When we learn to tap into our bodies – to feel what really belongs to us and what belongs to someone else – and when we learn how to release all of that, we invite the true gift of who we truly be.
We invite the energy of greatness to come and play.

Get a free download of this process here:

This will change your reality – only do this exercise if you want your life to change and if you take full responsibility for your wellbeing.

Take a deep breath.

Allow any energy from outside sources to leave your body.

Feel into the gratitude of the moment.

Thank your body for responding to these questions.

Allow your body to show you what feels light in your body when you ‘run’ that first question (Q):
Where am I being the gift I truly be in my reality?

On a scale of 0-10 how safe is that to allow?

Allow your body to show you if there are any stories, rules, expectations, conclusions or judgements around that.

Allow your body to tighten in any place that it wants to.

Where in your body is that?

On a scale of 0-10 how tight is that?
On a scale of 0-10 how safe is it to change that?
On a scale of 0-10 how available are you to choose and create something different?

Ask that energy to eject, detach, denounce, reject, renounce and be reclaimed by whoever sent, offered or taught it to you.

How does your body feel now?

Repeat the Q:

Where am I being the gift I truly be in my reality?

On a scale of 0-10 how safe is that to allow?

Did that change?

Repeat this process with the other Qs and everything else in your reality lol

*drink lots of water

So what in your reality are you making about you that if you released it would create more energy for you?

And if you want to create more energy, create more of the gift of you, I invite you to watch my fb live where I talk about feeling into the energy that creates more or less for you.

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