What Are You Actually Attracting?
That dust cloud of Pig Pen’s actually relaying a great representation of the Vibrational Resonance Field that is always surrounding us and collecting data.

Was Pig Pen Trying To Tell Us Something?

When you think of Pig Pen from Charlie Brown you may imagine a dust cloud following him around.

Everywhere he went, that cloud of dirt and dust went with him!

You and I have that cloud following us around, but the dust is a bit different…

What if you thought of that dust as the vibration between you and the reality you’d like to create?

The space around you is the buffer between worlds.

Cool huh?

I call this space ‘the Membrane of Potentiality’.

I say membrane, since I see it as a jello or nectar like substance with lines of electric current going to and from us to
those people, places and things that we are entangled with.

This has been called many things over hundreds of years – the zero point field or just the field, being just a couple of them.

This membrane is neutral ground, it creates a vibrational resonance field all around you.

This is what creates, based on what you visualize, think and feel.

What you assume, expect, conclude or what you believe you’re worthy of having, being or creating.

I’m sure you’re never in a bad mood…

But just in case one shows up on your doorstep
– hint DON’T pick it up! lol

I’ve brought you one of my favourite exercises you can try to shift your vibration! 
AKA change your reality!!

Here’s an exercise you can do to shift things and quickly create new energy in your immediate Vibrational Resonance Field or Membrane of Potentiality (MOP).

This is the GOLD Potential Exercise

      Reminder: be in a safe place while doing this & and meditative exercises đź’—

1 – Take a deep breath – do the Alpha breath if you’ve watched my training on that.

2 – Become aware of the space around you. 

3 – Visualize white smoke filling up the MOP to neutralize it and then clear the smoke while you send  
love into the MOP.

4 – Intend that all negative thoughts, energy, emotion or entities are released from your body and from the MOP.

5 – Repeat the Ho ‘opono po prayer 3 times:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

6 – Visualize gold dust filling up the MOP around you.
This gold dust is full of potential that is sent to you from the Universe.
It’s full of wonder
It’s full of love
It’s full of magic!

Call this GOLD dust into your space.  Pull it to you with every cell in your body.  

This is a BEin, not a DOing.
There should be no force or push.
Just claim that this is your normal state and you’re calling that in now!

7 – KNOW that the MOP is now full of pure potential for the very best to come to you!

8 – Repeat several times to yourself:
“My reality always has the very best outcomes for me and those I love!” 

9 – Sit in this MOP for at least 1 – 2 minutes repeating #3 & #4 

10 – Take a deep breath and say thank you to your Cheer Team 
(your Guides, Guardians and Angels), and the Universe and resume your day!

I hope you enjoy this exercise.

It doesn’t need to take longer than 5 minutes and you can stay in it for up to an hour if you’d like!

5 minutes to change your reality?

Not bad, right??

How was it for you?

Comment below and share with me what you created from doing this exercise.

Send some GOLD glitter (Potential)
to someone you LOVE while doing this exercise.

And remember to always surround yourself with
those who brighten your shine & never those who dull it!

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