You create your reality.
You have the power to choose your next step,
what does that look like for you?
What does that feel like for you?

Learn to create using the power of your subconscious mind.

Learn how to tap into the powerhouse of creation!

Learn how using the subconscious is easier than learning the techniques the Law of Attraction will teach you!

If you’ve been finding it difficult to create clarity with your business goals this bootcamp will help you create with EASE, JOY and ALIGNMENT!

Join the 30 day Bootcamp now and begin to create through the power of your subconscious mind.  Learn how to shift and neutralize doubts with the tools from 6 different healing modalities.


The Zone of Genius


Let’s start with the Alpha Breath.  Take a deep breath in and when you release think of the number 3 three times.  Breathe in and think of the number 2 three times when you exhale.  Breathe in and think of the number 1 three times when you exhale.

Think about one thing in your life that you love to do.  You feel alive, powerful and turned on when doing it.  You are committed to yourself and your gift when doing it.  Whether it’s baking, singing, painting, running, welding or sewing this is YOUR thing.  Your thing that you know you do amazingly well!  This is your spark of genius.  This is how you tap into your Zone of Genius.

Feel into your spark of genius.  Where is it in relation to your body?  How close is it?  What does it feel like when you bring it into alignment with you?  Step deeper into that feeling and intend for it to engulf all of your senses.

Pulling that feeling out and around you and into the room you are in creates your Zone of Genius.  You can tap into this at any time!

Try the above exercise while thinking of one thing you desire to create in your life right now.  See it clearly.  Ask yourself how committed you are to creating this.  Ask yourself how confident you are that you can create this.  Muscle test your alignment with both your commitment and your confidence.

Learn more about how to muscle test here.

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My Top Ten Ways to Tap Into Your ZONE of GENIUS

You’ve heard you are what you eat… but you are what you BE…
Be the energy of money.
What does money feel like to you?
What does creating $10 vs creating $100 feel like?
Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness tells us to (paraphrased)
“BE what it is you are manifesting.”

Create clarity with your desires and your goals by writing out specifics of what you want!  Reread this list daily and muscle test your alignment to ensure you are 80 – 100% confident and feel worthy of achieving your list.  Unsure how to muscle test?  Click here to learn how.

Raise your resonance from frustration to willingness, gratitude or love with tools such as my ‘Shift from Fear Toolkit’.  Don’t have that yet?  PM me on FB to grab your PDF or join my email list!

Use NLP to shift and release trigger and anxiety.  Tools such as the NLP Grid or whiteboard allows you to decrease fears or increase your confidence in a matter of minutes!

Shift fear or doubt using tools like EFT or Emotion Code.
Release emotions, stories, karma or resistance that aren’t yours.  Tap or clear energetic entanglement easily with these modalities.

Ask questions using the tools from Access Consciousness that lead you to doorways that open up to possibilities that you haven’t even considered!
Gary Douglas – the founder of AC suggests asking:
“How does it get better than this?”
“What is possible for me beyond this reality?”
“How can I change people’s reality with my money?”

Be brave!
Demand that what you want is yours and that you are worthy of receiving what you desire.
As Dr. Wayne Dyer said-
“What you crave, craves you!”

Dr Joseph Murphy tells us to program our subconscious mind before going to sleep.  Repeat only that which you want to see appear and your subconscious goes to work on creating that for you while you doze.

Imagine with such depth and emotion that you become attached to your daydream.  As Einstein said – “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


Quantum Jump into the reality that you desire and crave.
Burt Goldman tells us to
imagine meeting a you who is everything you’ve ever secretly wished you could be”.
Pull your desires to you using the very end result that you see in your jump.

Ready to take it a step deeper?
Join me for 30 Days of Creating through your ZONE of GENIUS!

We will go through all of the above and then some.

You will have me to heal, coach and give you the tools you need to shift limitations, doubts, old stories and resistance that come up as we shift out of an old paradigm and into your new prosperous reality.

Click the link below to be one of ten Spiritual Boss Women to join us in my private FB Group.

This 30 Day Bootcamp is only $250 per person
The benefits include:
get aligned with your ZONE of Genius
get clear on your unique method of manifesting
get clear on your goals, 
get unstuck,
get clear on where your overwhelm comes from,
heal old stories keeping you stuck,
find your prosperity mindset,
give you tools to align you with your desired income,
learn the triggers of limiting beliefs and how to navigate around them,
create the energetic component of your business,
& learn how to connect with your clients energetically


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