Applied Kinesiology Mini Training

written by Jillian Schleger
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Applied Kinesiology – AK

A Chiropractor by the name of George Goodheart found that he could gain answers to questions by testing the weakness and strength of muscles in 1964 and began teaching other Chiropractors this technique. Even though many medical systems and organizations deny that there is any validity to Applied Kinesiology it was reported that AK was the 10th most frequently used chiropractic technique in the United States in a study in 2003.  Results are not only astonishingly accurate, but many alternative Therapists, Healers and Coaches use AK and are confident in the consistent results. I suggest you create your own verdict and choose systems that not only fit with your belief systems but embody modalities that offer you the best tools to create the greatest and highest good for you and your loved ones. Please take responsibility for your wellbeing.  I do not claim that this – or any information on my website, healing and in my Coaching practice – is to be taken in place of or in exchange for medical advice.  Always consult a Physician if you have symptoms that require medical care.

Watch a sample Kinetic Divination Session below…..

Why Muscle Testing

AK is used to tap into the subconscious mind in order to answer physical/ conscious, mental/ subconscious, and emotional/ energetic well-being.

You can ask questions to gain insight into a physical situation such as:

“Is it in my best interest to go for this job interview?”

You can ask questions to tap into subconscious beliefs such as:

“Do I have limiting beliefs preventing me from achieving success in my business?”

You can ask spiritual or energetic questions such as:

“Are there karmic or soul contracts that are ready to be released?”

“Is my Heart Chakra at 100% alignment with this relationship?”

                                                                             A quick intro to Muscle Testing:

Have a friend test your muscle strength by testing the strength of your arm while you hold it up at shoulder height. Say “yes,” and your friend pushes down with 3 fingers on your wrist.  Yes, should have your arm stay quite strong. Say “no,” and your friend pushes down with 3 fingers on your wrist.  No should be considerably weaker. Say “I am at the energetic resonance of Courage or above.” Have your friend push down with 3 fingers on your wrist. If you stay strong and similar to your yes response, you are able to accurately muscle test yourself.

Muscle Testing Techniques:

1.  Pinch your thumb and middle finger on your left hand and link between your pinched thumb and middle finger on your right hand.  Pinch hard and pull your hands to test your resistance.  Then ask what is yes, and pull.  You should stay strong.  Then ask what is no, and pull.  You should go weak.

2. Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart.  Feel grounded like a tree, but able to move in a breeze.  Ask what is yes and allow your body to move you.  Recenter, and ask what is no and allow your body to move you.

3. Bend the middle finger on one hand and place the ‘pad’ of the finger on the nail bed of the index finger on the same hand.  Press the middle finger down on the index finger to test your strength.  Then ask what is yes, and press down.  Then ask what is no, and press down.  Your index finger should weaken for no.

4.  You can also test your percentage of alignment by just feeling into how strong you feel connected with this goal. Think of your goal or the object, situation or event to be tested.  Rate your emotion from positive to negative.  You can rate this on a scale of 0-10.  Know that this could be contaminated by your desired result 😉

Next are options to muscle test using a pendulum.

This chart is based on Dr. David R. Hawkins work on the Map of Consciousness.  His book ‘Power vs Force’ goes into detail on the hidden determinations of human behaviour. This is a pendulum chart.  Ground, center and shield yourself.  Intend for answers to come only from your higher self.  Place your elbow on a table, hold the pendulum between your thumb and finger above the middle of the chart and at the bottom of the chart.  Ask “what is my baseline energetic resonance.”  You can also ask “what is my subconscious energetic resonance”  just for fun to see if there is a difference.

The percentage chart is one of the most commonly used, as we can test our percentage of alignment with many different situations, goals, dreams, ideas and even people!

   Hold your arm steady,  intend for the answers to come from your higher self and ask your question.

Clear your mind to gain an accurate response.  I often think of a circle to ensure I don’t contaminate the answer with the percentage I’d prefer.


“How aligned with my highest good is this relationship?”

“My income ceiling is now $5K/month.”

  I combine muscle testing with 6 other healing modalities.  This allows us to test were resistance is, if there are blocks, trauma, emotional dissonance, and then shift the above so that we can create and live the life we believe is possible for us!



Are you ready to check in with your energetic blueprint to see where there are blocks and resistance that can be shifted and healed?


Jillian Schleger

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