We need a shoulder now and then to rely on for comfort and support.

Some days are tough to get through!

Sometimes we look advice from someone who’s been there and can guide us through emotional, spiritual or even mundane challenges.

alone, sad, depressed, lonely

Being on a Spiritual path had been challenging for me to be able to find people who know about the process of learning energy work, becoming a healer, opening the third eye, awakening thekundalini, delving into mind mapping, or researching into the scientific realm of cellular entanglement.

But that was before the internet and ‘Social’.

Now, we are everywhere!  Anyone can start a group on FB, gain followers on IG, share tweetables, or reach to become ‘viral’ on YouTube.

Now, I’m blessed to find several thousand people who I can find on any of the above to learn new skills and techniques from!

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A little game I play with the Universe is to throw out a question and see what pops up in my youtube, or FB suggestions or newsfeed.

It was this game which created a snowball that led to the idea of my newest EBook.

Kinetic Divination and the Law of Attraction Triad.

This book literally wrote itself.  The idea is simple enough…

Make the connection to the Law of Attraction strong and, therefore, quicker by using EFT to tap out limiting beliefs and disarm emotional triggers to desires.  Test the depth of this connection to the limiting belief before and after an EFT sequence with Applied Kinesiology – or muscle testing – and * voila * !

Many of us know of the Law of Attraction.  We believe we create our own lives.  We create affirmations and visualize what it is we desire actually taking shape in our lives.power of attraction lawa of attractionBut in today’s world with instant gratification, we lose focus and trust that this desire is actually manifesting behind the curtain of etherial reality.

So when we don’t see our desire within a day or two we become bored and skeptical.

There is a way to SEE our connection to the idea of that desire.

There is a way to TEST the strength of this connection.

Applied KinesiologyApplied Kinesiology – or muscle testing – has been used for decades for a plethora of different reasons.  We can use this to test how our limiting beliefs are holding us back from creating the life of our dreams.

For example, if you want that job promotion, but your learned from your parents that ‘Girls/Boys just don’t do that kind of work.’  Then you will be energetically blocking that promotion.

If you have worked for years for that raise, but have learned that ‘rich people aren’t nice.’  Then you may be energetically blocking the raise you’ve worked your butt off for!

Makes sense, right?  Ok, so how do we change those limiting beliefs that are hidden deep within our subconscious synapses?

We neutralize the emotional trigger with EFT

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Diarm EmotionsEmotional Freedom Technique is amazing for accessing the energetic Meridian System and reprogramming emotional traumas or triggers.

Did you ask for a tool kit to pimp up your Law of Attraction ride?  Here it is.

The clients that I’ve used this Triad with have busted through energetic and emotional attachments to limitations and have felt an immidiate shift in energy and vibration!

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