I remember listening to another healer tell a bunch of people on her FB Live to repeat an affirmation focusing on a goal – even if it felt bad.

I laughed.

That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard!

Just repeat it, she’d say.  And the strangest thing happened.

I started asking what would create if I sat in those emotions that felt bad – other than more emotions that felt bad.


That’s what I got.

Our emotions are feedback.  They aren’t meant to ‘sit’ in.  They are there to show us that something better is available.

So when we think about something we want and we feel bad that tells us something.

Do we feel jealous, angry, frustrated, guilty, ashamed, unworthy?

These emotions tell us what is going on in our body.

When we try to align ourselves with what we want we get feedback too!

Those same emotions above will create feedback in the body.

I call these shadow aspects.  Every Chakra has them, and they are lovely little webs of entangled emotion that sit in our bodies as triggers. 

They are waiting for us to acknowledge the feedback, learn the lesson, release it and choose something better.

So about that affirmation – repeating something that feels bad ain’t such a bad thing after all!


If my client has a goal of reaching $6K a month consistently we would muscle test her alignment with that goal.  This means we would test her percentage of confidence, worth, level of deserving, trust, belief, her feeling of safety and allowing this goal to manifest in her life.

If there is a misalignment – or a low percentage of alignment – we would begin to bring that into alignment using Kinetic Divination (KD).

Shifting into alignment could be super easy.

Sometimes we just need the tool (KD) to be more aligned or more on board with a goal.

Sometimes we just need the tool to become aware of our choices and then choose.

But sometimes we realize there is more going on than we originally thought, and we feel confined, fearful, confused, anxious or overwhelmed with emotions.

We could call this a ‘block’, limiting belief or resistance.

Whatever we call it, these feelings SUCK!

Sometimes feeling blocked can go YEARS without causing trouble.

Some people accept that life is what is told to them and they don’t ever ask for more.

Some people begin to ask for more and it emerges with ease.

Other people – myself included – ask for more and then wonder why it isn’t showing up!

I knew there was a way we could find these blocks and shift them – and so began the ‘download’ of Kinetic Divination.

Through the use of KD, I saw repeated patterns when I was working with clients. 

Shadow Aspects are clues to what we need to shift to align with the goals we want!

Let’s run through what they would look like if this client wants to align with creating $6K months and we couldn’t shift into alignment.

* Shifting into alignment is an NLP technique that I use during sessions.  If you muscle test your % of alignment with believing you can create $6K months and it’s a low percentage (or use a monthly income that you don’t believe in so you can try this) we would put the percentage on an imaginary whiteboard and visualize shifting that % up to 100%.  This will often be easy, but other times it could feel heavy, stuck, anchored or like a rubber band is pulling it back.  Try this at your own risk or with a partner. If you want a free 20 minute session for me to explain more book here.


Going further and doing this work on your own confirms that you are taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and healing.  These processes may seem silly and insignificant but do not underestimate how powerful they are and what change they create.  <3

If we try to align with something out of our comfort zone we could trigger the shadow aspect of fear.

This would emerge with feeling physical sensations in the legs, feet, sciatica, hips, bottom or base of the spine.

The emotional triggers associated with the Root Chakra are:

Feelings of fear

Suffering from anxiety

Suffering from depression

Feeling uncomfortable in your body

Feeling unsupported or having financial difficulties

* Always ask – is this mine?  Is this ready to be released?


These can, of course, be placed onto the NLP whiteboard and shifted down toward zero to decrease their percentage of impact.

Keep in mind that this is a healing system.

These are sometimes entangled within each other and will trigger other shadow aspects.

Keep a journal and write down your progress.

Give yourself space, time and acknowledgement as you go through this and of course – again – don’t do this alone!

Always approach your emotional triggers with LOVE.

Thank your body for the feedback and know that these are coming to the surface because they are ready to be released.

When shifting into alignment with a goal and we trigger the emotion associated with guilt we would feel resistance, discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen such as feeling a pit in the bottom of the stomach.  The Root and Sacral can often be mixed up.  Use the following emotional triggers as a guide, but also ASK your body to see which Chakra is holding onto the emotional trigger.

The triggers associated with the Sacral Chakra are:

Feelings of guilt

Fear of abandonment

Tight or constricted body

Lack of sexual desire

Holding onto weight in the lower abdomen

 * Always ask – is this mine?  Is this ready to be released?

The shadow aspect triggered by Solar Plexus wounds often relates to shame and resonate in the upper abdomen region of the body.

If you have an energetic baseline of shame this would resonate throughout your complete Chakra system and is a delicate healing journey to start.

The triggers associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra are:

Feelings of shame

Feeling unable to support yourself

Lacking self-esteem

Having an imbalanced ego

Lacking personal power

* remember to ask – “Is this mine?  Is this ready to be released?”

Resistance by the shadow aspect of the Heart Chakra would feel like a tightness across the chest, in the shoulders or down the arms.   

The triggers associated with the Heart Chakra are:

Feelings of unworthiness

Feeling grief

Holding onto the feeling of betrayal

Feeling depressed

Desire of isolation or withdrawing from others

* always ask if this trigger is yours and if it is ready to be released.

If the Throat Chakra shadow aspect is triggered when shifting into alignment with a goal we would experience a constriction, discomfort for pain in the throat, neck, jaw or ears.

The triggers associated with the Throat Chakra are:

Fear or memory or criticism

Worry of ridicule

Not feeling safe to tell your truth

People around me often lie to me

I feel unheard

* Is this yours?  Is it ready to be released?

When shifting into alignment with a goal and your Brow Chakra is triggered you would feel resistance, discomfort or pain in your sinus, ears, eyes, feel a band across your forehead or pain between the eyes.

The triggers associated with the Brow Chakra are:

Fear or memory of concealed truth

Feeling inadequate

Lack of self-awareness

Lack of emotional intelligence

Difficulty with concentration or clarity

* ask “Is this mine? Am I ready to release it?”

The triggers of the Crown Chakra link the Divine and the physical body.  When shifting around triggers related to the Crown Chakra the resistance or discomfort would be chronic exhaustion, headaches, headaches or feelings of confusion.

The triggers associated with the Crown Chakra are:

Feeling as though your beliefs were belittled

Feeling disconnected with your body

Often feeling confused

Feeling separated from the Divine

Feeling as though you should be somewhere else

 * ask “Is this mine?  Am I ready to release it?”

Congratulations on making it to the end!
I hope this helps you clear your way to aligning with your goals fully so that you can manifest with ease and speed!

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