It seems as though when you look up anything regarding moving on from relationships, it’s as though the world has just been blown to bits and our hearts are fragmented into pieces.
As if we just won’t be able to continue breathing.
As if our life is pretty much over as we know it.

Can we just hold off on the drama for a minute, please?

Sure.  It sucks to think your path would be going in the same direction as someone else, only to find you need to plot a new course.

Sure.  It’s cool to know someone has your back, someone will be witness to all your glory days, and someone will hopefully hold your hair back when reality sucker punches you and you’re eye ball deep in the shitter…

oops… right, no drama…

A.N.D. reality is what we make of it… but let’s carry on.

Seriously though.  I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out.  It’s now time to heal, recenter and balance again.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing.  There is something quite orphic about reflecting on your heart, your truth and your path.

One great blog on HuffingtonPost, is pretty straightforward: ‘6 helpful ways to overcome heartbreak’ by Alexis Meads.  The summary is below (& read that blog here)

1.  Feeling the feelings and don’t force yourself to ‘get over it’
2.  Get the energy out
3.  Forgive.
4.  Be honest with yourself
5.  Take back your personal power.
6.  Live an outstanding life.

I loved how simple and tidy these tips are.  It’s a huge piss off when someone tells you to just ‘get over it’.

side note and FYI – CA isn’t something to ‘get over’  – you know who you are *tisk tisk*

Let’s expand on #5, shall we?

Energetically we know that our personal power sits in our Solar Plexus.  But it isn’t just that one Chakra that is ignited and engaged when we become connected with someone.

Rewind to the beginning of meeting that person you felt a connection with.  Someone who may have sparked empowerment of your Solar Plexus.  You meet people all the time.  This was different though.  This was a different feeling, there was more room for expansion, for connection and for emotions to emerge.

Emotionally and energetically we create entanglement with someone we ‘click with’.  How the relationship progresses is based on more than just a mind-body connection or whether or not ‘opposites attract’.

It isn’t spoken about enough that our bio-energetic field holds secrets to how we attract, why we attract and who we attract.  It also holds secrets as to why relationships fizzle out.

healing heartbreak

healing heartache through the chakras

how can your chakras heal your heartache

How can the Chakras heal heartbreak

How do the Chakras heal heartbreak

How can the Chakras heal heartache

How can the chakras heal heartbreak


Do you know where you’ve placed your center of attraction?

Do you think that you attract relationships from your Heart Chakra?

You may, but a large percentage of North Americans attract romantic relationships through their Sacral Chakra.

With 85% of North Americans having an imbalanced Energetic system, this creates an interesting question of where we are – energetically and emotionally – before and after relationships end.

In case you’re wondering, here are the percentages of romantic attraction for each Chakra:

Chakras and Romance

Take into consideration that a completely balanced energetic system, and a person intent on attracting the most aligned romantic partner, would have a percentage of 14.29% for each Chakra.  Our goal should be becoming balanced within ourselves and attracting a life partner based on that balanced energetic system.

When one Chakra is blocked, it’s function or purpose needs to be rerouted to another Chakra.  This depletes the other Chakra and takes the focus away from its purpose and shifts your body and energetic system into misalignment.

I can’t just leave you to fend for yourself with a potentially imbalanced Chakra system!!  😉

Not that I’m going to balance your Energetic system right here and right now… (You’ll have to book me as your Energetic Alignment Coach for that)

But I will teach you how to muscle test yourself and test which Chakra you have set up as your baseline romantic attractor.

You need to be in an energetic resonance of courage (200) or above to be able to muscle test and receive accurate results.

Sit quietly and breathe deeply into your Heart for at least 3 breaths.  Let go of all tension.  Let go of all resistance.  Let go of all that you think you know.

Muscle Test using your body as a pendulum, or with a pendulum in your dominant hand, saying the following questions:
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Root Chakra.”
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Sacral Chakra.”
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Solar Plexus Chakra.”
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Heart Chakra.”
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Throat Chakra.”
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Brow Chakra.”
“I connect with loving relationships mostly through my Crown Chakra.”

Write down your responses, which was yes and which was no.

If you are attracting loving relationships through Chakras other than your Heart, breathe into each of these other Chakras, and imagine cords attached to these Chakras.  Ask these cords to disconnect and allow that Chakra to balance and return to its original function.

Retest yourself and gauge what has shifted.

Do your thoughts, dreams or emotions still seem attached to a past relationship?

That’s entanglement at its best!

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