Who Turns You On

The last post talked about how most people use trauma to connect with others.

But Empaths and SEOs connect by saying “Do you feel like I feel?”

Empaths and SEOs feel first and ask questions later.  We feel how you feel about us before you say a word.

We are often turned down, or off.

We dull our shine so that we may fit in easier, and so that we don’t make others uncomfortable.

Do you have a tribe around you to connect with?  Show your true power with?  Turn on with?

More importantly, do you shed the energies you’ve picked up everyday?

Because as an Empath, we involuntarily become entangled with all energies from environments as well as other people.

Violence and cruelty is unbearable for Empaths, and bullying is absolute torture.

Since we are already entangled with energy from the environment, when bullied we are at a hightened state of fight or flight.

Picture ‘Pig Pen’ from Charlie Brown, but instead of a cloud of dirt surrounding us, there is a constant cloud of entangled energy that is statically drawn to us because we can feel and understand the energy.

We feel lies, untruths, misinformation, suffering, pain, disconnection, misaligned energy, disease, and resentment.  This isn’t just emotions on our sleeve, everything is felt intensely and deeply.

We make the best of friends and lovers, of course.  As there are few who can understand you as an Empath would.  But if there is ever any flicker of deceipt, we run.  Fast.

How to shed this collected energy?  Can we turn it off as we would a light switch?

Some clearing activities you can try and find a few to form a fav cocktail of go to daily:

Smudging is good but does need to be done often.

Grounding is a must, several times a day and can be done fast with good visualisation techniques.

Connect to Nature/Mother Earth also should be done daily and several times a day.

Connect to Source/ask for your Chakras to be cleansed and aligned to the correct frequencies.

Connect to your favourite aspect of nature.  I’m a Water sign, and am drawn to water to cleanse, balance and charge.  If you would like to try candle work to intend for all entanglements to be taken into the fire for a Fire sign.  Putting hands into soil and asking the Earth to bring roots up into your energy body to release all entanglements for Earth signs.  Try visualisations of floating, flying and shedding all entanglements for Air signs.

What are your favourite visualisations?  Do you do clearing work with your tribe, friends or cheer team?

<3 empower yourselves SEOs.

Love to you Xx0o


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